Sunday, October 04, 2009

Good girls go to heaven

May West.
Good taxi drivers,just like bad girls go everywhere.


Chinese door to the Jade palace Cyprus.

Must go up there sometime.


The Angel of the North Gateshead
We are getting one of Gormleys works soon.

Last week around 5.00 AM I was heading off to Manchester.

I hate the procedure involved in air travel. Imagine taking off your shoes and giving up your drinking water and after shave before passing through security.
Then they sell you water and after shave on the other side of the barrier.
So like many people I get up early and get it all over with.

The procedure has become so intense that you could be forgiven for not thinking that the airport people were there to assist you along your way.
Where in reality they behave more like prison guards.

An Italian lady was at the front of the line at the door where you proceed through to the metal detectors, she had a small girl with her of perhaps 3 years of age.
She had one boarding pass and she was not being let through.
Now there was a language problem, but what was going on was not as they say a text book method of behavior.
The DAA employee or whoever she worked for was pushing the woman back to one side and letting everyone else past. The staff at the gate just kept holding up 2 fingers and the Italian lady just kept showing her the passport and boarding card.

How you react to a situation varies but this is what I did.

I said nothing until I got through the doorway where there was a supervisor with a clipboard counting his staff. I collared him and told him that there was an Italian lady who needed help on the other side of the doorway and that the staff member was not helping her.
He told me it was not her job to help, if she helped someone then the line would stop moving.
I speak (About 6 languages) but not Italin so I cannot help her.

"I don't care what languages you speak, whether you help her in person is not my business but I bet it is your job to alert the correct person.
What is your name?"
At this point his lecture to me ended and he held his clipboard over his name badge. Then he went out to offer his assistance.
I did see her later at the departure gate and by her demeaner she had missed her flight.

What I should have done was to ask to look at her ticket and take them back to the desk, jumping right to the front of the queue and explain that the staff made a mistake with her ticket. Then bring her past the queue to the departures area trying to get an airport worker to take her over from me all the time.

A little bit of humanity was all that was needed.
Sadly it is a thing that is missing in todays world.

I remember this story told to me once.

After much delays a mother with a crying infant asked for some boiled water to make up her babies feed. The hostess (Now thats a joke right there) told her that that was not her job, but she would look after her in a while.
The mother started to cry and a man who was sitting next to her stood up and said MISS I will not sit down until you look after that hungry child. Then 20 others stood up as well, so they had to act.
The baby was looked after and the plane then took off.

I guess that we just allow ourselves to be pushed around so much that we forget that we have the option to stand up to bullies, but we seldom do.
A Rabbi told me that these thingsare being sent to test us. We should never regret how we acted at that time, the true test is how we act the NEXT TIME.

Well the Lisbon 2 treaty is through. Good or bad I don't know. it was a bit like a bowl of soup, good bits and bad bits but you had to eat it all or go hungry.

There were a good lot of bad bits in that treaty.

A good weekend we had rugby in the RDS and wrestling in the octagon cage at the O2, it brought people into town and now with the polling over we needed a bit of light releif.
Saturday night 4 women off on a multi drop around the city, one of the ladies spoke about how she was not one bit sorry for taxi drivers,looking at the row of taxi lights going up Wexford St., she remembered a time when she had to walk home after being out for a night.
The others tried to change the subject a few times, then I just said . "Anyone for no perticular reason at all can find themselves out of work and driving a taxi and people sometimes find that they are walking home more out of their attitude than for any other reason".The other 3 girls whooped in delight, "Are you getting out Marie?" She shut up then. But she gave me a big kiss on the cheek as she was getting out, "Sorry".
"Fair play John , she is a tough cookie, you stood up for yourself well"said one
One by one they got out until I arrived in Foxrock at a very posh detached house.
Just before we arrived the last girl started talking about how this recession was affecting her family. Her husband was a pilot and they might have to take the kids out of private fee paying school. I let her go on, but I wish I would have asked her if she had been to MABS (money and budgeting service) Did her husband loose his job? Did he walk out? I know a job that might suit her, but what the heck.(No,not as a hooker)

I am just the bum who drover her home to her €1.5 million home with 2 good cars in the drive, what would I know.

Oh yes sometimes things do not work out to plan.

The Germans really know how to sell cars

What do you mean?. You don't like Cuban music.

Who says they have no sense of houmour?

This is for the guy who "clicked with the chick" Then he went into the Esso in Ranelagh to buy condoms and came out with cream buns and crisps. En route she asked him to show her the condoms, but he hadn't bought them so she kicked him out.

Then she said" why are all the clever men taxi drivers"?

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