Tuesday, June 08, 2010

40,000 Hot Women

Now there is a thing you don't often see when you have a camera..a 2010 Merc with a police car stuck into it! Opps Nice one lads.

Oh the last time I put in that heading about hot women I had 1,000 hits. Lads do you think of nothing else. I was talking about the Women's mini marathon the 28th time it has been run.The girls get sponsors and support many charities hundreds and thousands of euro are collected.It is quite a fun run and good for taxi drivers too. Many of the roads are closed off and buses run late or not at all, then when the race is on the cheaters get taxis to bring them 3 or 4 Kms, lying on the floor. Then you pull in on a back street and they hop out, full of the joys of spring.
It is a fun event and girls know how to have fun..Many men dress up 2 guys had tee shirts on "were doing it for the girls".
I had 4 girls going to Tallagh and they asked if I could go to the funeral home before 6.15.."Is that where you parked your cars?
"I asked...No the girl said they are closing my mothers coffin at that time and I want to put in my medal before they close it..I said I was sorry for her loss, but when I thought about it she may have died from Cancer and the daughter had run the race to raise money for Cancer research, that made sense.
I even worked up to 11.30 that night after 3 all nights as well.

Silly old Dad....Give us a tenner!

To all you cheeky kids doing exams from tomorrow...Enjoy the rest of your lives...


  1. Nice one man..

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