Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bank holiday

Get a portrait of your pet, the money paid will be given to a pet charity, nice one

They say you can predict the economy by the length of the hemline, the higher the hemline the better the economy.. We are in for hard' times for sure.

Well I had a post all set to go. I pressed publish post and went to bed.
The post is gone off to the land of OZ leaving me to start again.

First thing I suppose is that Snow Patrol did an impromptu gig in the Brussels bar the other day..I don't know if it was for Guinness or the tourist board.

Then we had Westlife in Croke park, Mothers,children and grandmothers all in pink hats..It is some money spinner. There was not a hotel room empty in the city.
One lady from London had me say "The top of the mornin t' ya" three times into her Iphone, I was dropping off an Italian couple when I saw that London lady again so I shouted over "The top of the mornin ta ya" and got a great response.

Just to say the Italian couple were young and had a good time, but he told me that what surprised him were the "number of people looking for coins" (begging)
Begging is a real problem here in Dublin.

The Docklands festival was on with tall ships and market stalls along the quays.

Plus on the Bull island Clontarf surf magic held a huge kite surfing event. Sadly one thing was missing, WIND so I would mostly say it was a flop, I would really like my son to take it up this summer.
But over on the West coast they had a surfing event which put other surfer spots in the shade.

But surfing is the thing to do at Doolin

Just thought this might excite the' rest of you

The weather was really kind to us it was Sunday before we got some rain, the first in weeks.
Sunny Ireland is fantastic, never too oppressive and all the people look so much better.

One of the guys on my rank had a heart attack 40, looked fit enough.
Taxi driving is a stressful occupation, but not worth dying over.

There fatal hit and run accident with one of those illegal drivers that I go on about, he was pursued by a driver who saw what happened and was caught.
I don't know if it was this ore something else .But I picked up a taxi driver who told me that "In 9 days time there is going to be something really big in the news about these illegal drivers which will shock even you"
Now he would say no more,but it would be Tuesday for his News...
I will keep you posted.

No matter what happens there is a taxi near by. In Cumbria a taxi driver went berserk and killed 12 people. one taxi blogger from the area makes his post here


  1. You are wrong about the hemlines. Irish women have been doing their best to kick-start the economy by shortening their skirts a few inches this year. It is sad, that our efforts in this regard have not been appreciated.

    Considering, you taxi drivers see significantly more leg than the average pundit, we economists rely on you to give an accurate assessment of both the thigh quantity and thigh quality on display in any given year.

    Btw, although most of the focus on legs & economics has been on quantity of leg exposed,the quality of said legs is an important but largely ignored factor in assessing economic upturn.

    You definitely need to up your game in this respect if our economy is to have any chance of picking up. Again, I would emphasise the need for both a qualitative and quantitative assessment.

    PS: that little orange curtain number is from the Wallis collection c. 1997. Are you sure that is an up to date photo?

  2. Yes Sir I will study further, I think the skirt is a pair of Tesco lounge curtains..
    I would say the Latvian, Polish and Russian are defanately better shaped and toned than the average Ballier or Ballybock girls.
    But that is all relative as to which angle and where they might be when your were looking at them.

    I must study some more, Its going to be a long hot summer !

  3. Failing to notice skirt lengths is bad enough but I have never had a taxi driver take me for a man before.

    Sad to say you are probably right about the Latvian Polish & Russian thing.

    Sorry for being so bossy.

  4. I had a look at your blog,Good. I thought you were one Stephen Daedalus.
    Wow, the comments on your blog go on forever, are you sure it is not a sub plot inside a further sub plot?
    I will read further, later on.
    Or should that be the other way around ?

  5. SDaedalus5:31 AM

    Stephen had a number of sisters who were in the first version but were unfairly cut out of the final edition. I thought it was time they got more recognition.

    The comments on my blog are indeed quite something, they have developed a life of their own. I can't even claim credit for most of them myself, they are beyond even my imagination.

    Although I like to think of myself as a relatively straighforward person, what you see is what you get, some of my commenters are certainly riddles wrapped inside enigmas.

    I am really quite astonished that you are contemplating going back to read such an intricately knotted mess, but if you like this kind of thing maybe you could help with the unravelling.