Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Job? I'm a.....

Paparatzzi wait for Simon Cowell, one of them is wearing a mask. href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_JY_9Pnqs9bU/TCpsC6-FF_I/AAAAAAAADEI/ums7SFjK_9s/s1600/IMG_6963.JPG">
Waiting at 7.30 round the block for the immigration office to open around the corner.

Meet Jannmarie Truesdell.. Guess what she does for a living?

Another week over and the weather is still good.
"Good Day Sun Shine" as the Beatles would say.
When the sun shines in this town it is the best place in the world.
Look at this video if you don't believe me.

Can't say there were any great highlights but here are a few snippets.

I got up at 5.00am on Monday and went to the ferry where I got a run even before the Ulysses had docked,a very rare thing that. The guy I picked up was coming back from Liverpool where his Polish girlfriend now works, the way things are he will be going over there himself soon, there is little work here, so I rushed right back to the boat and got a second run to Drumcondra.A black girl whose sister has just had her baby a few weeks early in England. When you book flights in advance it costs more to change the date than the flight cost in the first place. So being a bright thing she took the ferry over and back.We got on to the subject of age.She really looked around 20 or 25 not one year more, she had no wrinkles on her face. She was 38 !
Her boss thought she was around 26 and she described how she explained when she started working there and how old she was when she started...It was really very funny.
"When there is no strong sun black people don't age" So Ireland is the land of youth.

A girl from the train station heading to the airport, not off for a holiday.
She has a construction company there Civil Engineering, building roads etc.
"The work stopped here we had been in business here 15 years, we had Polish staff and rather than loose their skills we re located to Poland and we are flying".

Now that's what I call using your brains.
So I told her about my Polish girl who was being bullied at work.
She had an Irish engineer who was bullying 2 Lithuanian workers, he got a verbal warning then a written warning and then he was sacked, now he is sitting on his backside in Ireland because he wouldn't have manners.
I have said it time and time again.. The people who come into your country to work are the people with ambition and drive. They are keeping this country going.

Another run to the airport was 2 guys flying out one to the UK the other to Monaco.
Monaco has changed a lot he said, loads of Russian mafia and criminals from eastern Europe, you should come back to see for yourself. It was always a strange place.
Harry Houdini spent a lot of time there studying the people and the graveyard where they buried the suicide victims who lost all their money in the casino !
Houdini was a truly remarkable man.

Anyhow it is more profitable to bring the people of the world around Dublin than to go there myself, but if travel broadens the mind I am a very broadminded person..

A happy girl from Georgia, so many Polish people Russians are very confident and stand in a way that shows you that they are really sure of themselves. (Do you know what I mean) I was good to get a fresh opinion on the Russian/Irish point of view as well.

Doctor to the Hospital in Jame's st. talked about the bullying at work thing again.
Problem is that it can be very subtle, and it may just be that the victim might have a persecution complex..That could be true too.

My third run to the airport was a young American couple just finishing their break here, he is off back to the states to study medicine, that's a tough enough gig. plenty of opportunity to make grave errors.

Some people!
Sandymount village to Connelly station, in the back way which landed her on the platform..Done in 11 Min's and for my feat speed in getting there I got the exact fare for my trouble.. I will have to remember all the times I was promised substantial reward only to get screwed at the finish.
One woman was under extreme pressure and we agreed double the fare or the ride for free if I was late when I went my way. the fare was e18 she handed me e20 and said keep the change..She could never have luck.

So "Cash on the dash before we go"

The conference center opened up and they are doing that TV show X Factor there.
Louis Walsh, and co were all there.

Every time I drive through Kilmainham I pass a plumbing supply place and I think of a guy I brought there a few years ago. He was from Persia and had left his country when the Shah was deposed, as did a lot of wealthy people.
Well he told me he had paid 1 million punts in tax and he had to pay another 18,000 and the girl in revenue was calculating the fees and interest payable. He was so angry as they had done nothing to produce this wealth and he reckoned he didn't even owe the million. He was going to borrow the money from a friend..I didn't have enough on me to settle up his debts that day.

And Jannmarie? she is a forensic anthropologist but her first major was in music.
So by your bones she will read your misfortune.
Thanks for the educational experience.


  1. so you made this post at 11:41 am dublin time, that was what? like 4:41 pm our time? out here in the american southwest we never know what is going on! john your awesome! thx for the update!

  2. Good storytelling Dublin Taxi!

  3. A musical forensic anthropoligist? She sings as she works, surely. How about you?

  4. Love your blog! Google Streetview's got nothing on you!

  5. So exciting your life, you meet so many people and hear so many stories if I ever come to Dublin I want you as my taxi man!

  6. My mother has been living in Ireland for the past eighteen months and returns to the States next week. She is in Dublin until Wednesday next. I wish I would have happened upon your blog earlier so you could have ferried her about. Love your posts about life in Dublin. Wish, wish, wish I can travel there someday.

    Regards John.

  7. thank YOU for the educational experience. this was
    so much fun for a stay at home mom to hear about
    people from around the world.

  8. Anonymous11:03 AM

    cracking blog.i am an ex dublin taxi driver living in doncster, u.k.and i dont miss the job at all.I will keep reading. stay happy