Monday, June 21, 2010

World cup.

Look we are getting a Big Wheel, just like London !!!!!

Theres always one bouncer to spoil your day

The HQ for Brazil the Odion beside the embassy

Remember the Herald AM?
Well many of the boys and girls went on to be paper sellers for the Evening Herald... all from Brazil..

How is the World cup going for you?

I don't like sport much, but I wanted to support a team with a chance so I supported Brazil, Why?
Well the girls are better looking ,that's for sure, but they have style and panache.

So in a moment of weakness I bought 2 Brazil football shirts in Aldi and then gave them to 2 girls free...Well I like to make people happy and I would never pass for a Brazilian myself.
I wonder how things are going in Gort which is the capital of Brazil in Ireland..The town is 1/3 or more Brazilian, one of the best players in the junior team hails from Brazil..I hope to hear that it has once again returned to a harmonious place to live in..There was a bit of friction for a while when the economy took a dive..
I will be taking some time off, I do hope the taxis who remain on duty will be able to cope with the extra work.


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Well the newspapers are saying that Ireland is very happy after France got sumped out of the world cup. "Cheaters never prosper",the say. And rightly so.

    I never support Brazil but I do like their arch rival Argentina :)

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  4. That was very nice of you to give up your jerseys! I'm rooting for the underdogs's so much more fun! Congrats on blog of note!

  5. Why is that word "be" in your headline description?

  6. Wow, your blog is really taking off, all these new commenters do be great.

    PS: I had a really bad experience with a female taxi driver this morning.

  7. PPS: there seems to be a problem with the time setting on your blog, it is six hours or so behind Dublin time. I know Dublin taxi drivers tend to turn up late, but surely not this late?

  8. I'm jealous :( I write about the world cup and only get one comment :(

    Congratulations on the "Blog of Note!"
    Check mine out if you have the time :)

    Ps. I really don't like Brazil...

  9. Congrats and I do love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange?

  10. I really don't know what happened .
    Perhaps its this new aftershave. It is very potent.
    How could you not like Brazil?
    Look at their fancy footwork on youtube.
    I once built a house there..Not for me but for habitat for humanity.
    I think that Gizelle is the best fantasy date in the world.!
    But then I am a romantic.

  11. hahaha! Here in Brazil the president said that we shouldn't worry about the "economic dive", so if you ask Lula, he will probably say that nothing happened at all.
    (well, he stimulated the population to buy cars to help us out with the 2008 crisis, but now in Rio and São Paulo the traffic is just 'unbearble')

    I've heard about Little Brazil in NY, but I have never heard about a city in Ireland full of Brazilians, that's so cool! Those pictures of people wearing brazilian shirts kinda amused me! rs
    I think the greatest thing about the World Cup is that no one has to go to work/school, and the Mayor here in Rio organizes those arenas, so everybody can watch the game together! *.*

    Hey, congratulations for the "Blog of Note" thing!

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