Sunday, June 13, 2010

Killarney and back

Wait a minute, legs are always in fashion.

Father Mathew in Cork city

Shandons bells in Cork

Roadside monument to young crash victims.
Everywhere there was marks on the road where boy racers were doing doughnuts.
The old shotgun would put a stop to that!

Jaunting car complete with "nappy"

The rock of Cashel.

Marlyn Monroes dress in the "Icons of fashion" display in Newbridge.

Irish racin board.
Naas Newbridge used to be known for soldiers,horses,sheep and cuttlery.

The foal on the hill

A first cousin of mine was buried in Killarney on Saturday. While it is sad when someone departs this life you must look on the positive side.
She took a brain hemorrhage and did not suffer a lingering painful death.
Her husband and herself were strong Christians so passing into Gods hands was no sad affair.

I drove down to Killarney from Dublin on the M8 motorway to Cork city, then branched off at Mallow.There is something strange about that motorway, you don't feel the speed building up I peeped at the clock and found myself doing 180 Kph.,That's 120 Mph in old money,,too fast.
Just after I checked my speed I saw a Garda speed camera checking me too.
You know we have a beautiful country, green lush fields, animals feeding as I drove past.I ask myself why are we not feeding the world?
After the service we had a meal and I departed to head for Dublin, then I had a change of heart and I decided to go via Youghal.
My friend Eddie lives there and though I am in contact by phone I thought as I was passing I would drop in. Eddie has MS and he has been in a wheelchair for a few years now.
He doesn't complain much and after a cup of tea I was going to head off. Then they insisted I stay the night and head off the next day, so we talked till 1.30.

The trip home was great and I decided to stop at the Newbridge factory outlet.

If you are in retail have a look at the showroom haw well it is lit and laid out, it is really good.


  1. Appreciate clarification re. legs.

    The foal is only gorgeous.

  2. What amazing photos. Ireland is definitely on my Life List of places I simply must visit before I die.