Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lost photos

I found out how to get out the card.
Ireland is a very small country, take a look.

Do you know any of the people ?

Tell them I have their camera.


  1. How kind of you! I hope that the person who lost their camera is tracked down, they've lost some rather nice photo's!

  2. Just wondering if you know the date these photos were taken. It might help someone.

  3. Looking at the Christmas tree in the background and having survived the big snow you would know the photos were take recently.
    Did you ever see this e manl ?
    It arrives with the heading, do you recognise theese people ? Then you see a young couple in casual wear sporting around, then the big wedding, then the reception. ..Cutting the cake etc. Then back in the hotel bubble bath, then loads of photos of the bride and groomin the nude.
    Then at the end it says.
    "If you know them, tell them I found their camera"

  4. Love the photo at the top.