Friday, January 07, 2011

Lost property

Today I brought my car to the panel beater.
We pulled ou out the insert which hides all the flotsum and jetsum which gathers there.

Well I found a small camera, its a good one.

Today I am going to take it to a camera shop to have it charged up. Then I will take a look at the photos.

If I can find you I will.

I hope you were not on honeymoon !
The carriage office in Dublin Castle is where you go for lost property.
The number used to be on the information card displayed in the taxi, its not there now.

Perhaps you can find it here

I have handed in loads of things which I found, I never got anything back which was unclaimed though.


  1. Isn't that the way it ALWAYS is??? Unclaimed always goes UNclaimed!!!

  2. Well Linda, the finder is supposed to get the goods after a year and a day.
    On the other hand the next person into the taxi often gets the lost property.
    I always cast my eye back to check the seat, more often they think I am checking their ass !

  3. YOur goodness made my day

  4. I once found a roll of film that had been shot while out hiking in Utah. I put an add in the paper, but no one repsonded. So I had the film developed and put it on my website with no results either. No surprise. Then I wrote a press release and sent it to the local news stations. To my surprise, Fox picked it up, and I was at the end of the hour as the local interest story. They found the family, and I mailed their photos back. I think they were a little weirded out by it. Fox wanted to do a follow up, and it seemed like they wanted to have me meet the family, but that didn't work out. They did interview the family, but they said it was death. That's unfortunate. So there you have my 5 minutes of fame. I'm still owed 10:)

  5. I flew from here (the USA) to Gatwick. Flight from here was late - I got on but my luggage did not. Too bad I wasn't allowed to go back into their luggage room the next day, as it came in on the next day's flight. But no one there knew a thing about it ... It caught up with me 5 days later in Amsterdam. When I drove for United Cab (Tampa, Florida, USA), I often delivered luggage because I had a station wagon so the airlines would pile me up with a lot of stops. Long lonely trip but better that than some drunk!

  6. Anonymous4:59 AM

    lost black wallet yesterday got taixes from top of sandymount ave to permbrrok road then ti droped my freind at addlee road you cant cont mea t niaimhdaly

  7. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Last Saturday at 3am. Coming from the 'Russell Court Hotel' in a Taxi going home to Dorset Street, I think i left my leather Jacket in the back seat. The Taxi went on to leave my friend home to Cabra.
    I paid the driver of the Taxi a 20 Euro note, I would love to get my Jacket back. My e-mail address is

  8. I just (13:55 Sunday 31st July) got a taxi home from Hueston STation to 11 Madden Road, The tenters, dublin 8. I left my red suitcase in the boot. I got a receipt so I used the car reg to find out it was Brendan Jenkins driving the car. If anyone knows Brendan could he please contact me about returning the bag (0874110340, There is a reward.

    thank you

    anto howard

  9. Anonymous5:55 AM

    left my car keys in taxie on fri night from crumlin going t stevens green keys hav photos on them its my only key for my car it was a large people carrier driver name eddie pic us up outside transport club clogher rd droped us in stevens green as we were looking for the bankers club but ended up in wrog place if this rings a bell please contact me he rang on his raido for directios so 0851169509

  10. Anonymous3:09 PM

    i hope the driver who just brought my boyfriend home is as nice because he left his jacket, with our electricity key, gas card, all our money, my bank card, his work keys, shutter and alarm keys and his house keys and my cigarettes in it, and so far no taxi driver is owning up to bringing him home, suprise suprise -_-

  11. hi

    i got a taxi to leixlip from harcourt st on the 9/12/2011 at around 4am. i am certain my samsung galaxy s2 was left in the taxi.i really need the phone back,it has very important for me to get this back,it is my work phone and badly need it.hopefully the taxi man will drop it into the carriage office.

  12. Anonymous6:03 AM

    My husband left a bag of old photos in a taxi on Friday, 9th December 2011. The photos were in a navy Reebok back pack. He got the taxi from a rank in Stillorgan to the apartments beside the Radisson in Stillorgan. The photos are hugely sentimental. Please let us know if you find them

  13. Anonymous8:03 AM

    think i left my phone in a taxi last night at 8:45 pm - went from thomas street to phibsborough and then on to cabra. I got out in phibsborough (goldsmith street). It was a black iphone with a badly cracked screen. Please email me - reward offered, thanks

  14. Carmel11:19 AM

    To all Dublin Taxi Drivers driving New black Volkwagan people carrier. At 5am on Saturday Morning of the 17th of December, We got a taxi to fleet Street beside fogartys bar, from camden street. Blue fugifilm Camera in a silver cover left in back of taxi. Would really appreciate if you could contact and an excellent reward will be offered. Thanks Email

  15. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I may have lost a phone in Taxi Tuesday night Dec 27 coming from Temple Bar area heading to Sandyford.

    Phone description;

    UK Vodafone, Purple Back. HTC Wildfire. If found please e-mail or phone 01 2954133. Many thanks.

  16. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I left a pink ukulele in a taxi, a Nissan Almera, last night (Tuesday 27th December). Got the taxi from Batchelor's Walk at around 11pm to West Road in East Wall... it was a Christmas gift and very special! It was in a black case with "Makala" written in white. I would really like it back!! Please email or call 0863717846! Thanks!

  17. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I lost a pandora bracelet with charms- a turtle a christmas tree, a house, a lock and key, a boot , and a few more! this is very much sentimental to me. I lost it in a taxi from mcgowans pub or in mcgowans pub in phibsboro on the night of the 31st december 2011 around 2am. if anyone found it could they please email me at

  18. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Lost a pair of womens leopard skin gloves in a taxi from Dame St to Dalkey about 11:30 Tue 14th Feb. If found please contact me at

  19. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Hi there

    Got a taxi from samsara last night . March 9th, at 1140 to newbridge. Left my work bag on the back seat. Green Dunlop sports bag. Has a laptop in it. Please contact me

  20. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Hi there, yesterday I get taxi from Q club to Cork Street, I left my phone in taxi. Please contact me

  21. Anonymous2:09 PM

    iphone 4 left in the back seat of a taxi on friday the 9th from harcourt street to goatstown, any help much appreciated,

  22. Anonymous7:26 AM

    My boyfriend thinks he left his blue back pack with open university books and a laptop in a taxi, we got the taxi from dame street area to south Richmond street on Friday night the bag has no brand name and one of the straps has been repaired, reward offered Thanks

  23. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I left a black Samsung Galaxy SII in the back of a cab on the 17th March (easy date to remember!). I got the cab outside Gilbert & Wright in Malahide at about 2am and went to Donabate. Would love to know one way or another if the taxi driver found the phone, I know it might have been found and kept by the next passengers. Much appreciated -

  24. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hi, I lost my iphone 4 on Saturday night in a taxi. Got a taxi from near Baggot street to North circular road area, it was powered off and has a crack across the bottom of the screen. Be very grateful if it was returned and will pay a reward too. Thanks

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Hi I lost a Black Samsung Galaxy S2 on saturday night 28th april 2012. Think it was left in a taxi between leopardstown inn and club 92. I would be very grateful if the taxi driver or another person has it. can be picked up with reward thanks

  25. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Lost a black Nokia last night in a Taxi about 11.30pm. Mr Flood was the driver and his car was a Toyota, Avensis I think. He picked us up outside Fibbers after the Chilli Peppers concert and dropped us off on Maynooth Road in Celbridge. Any help in locating it would be appreciated.

  26. Anonymous8:43 AM

    i got a taxi from the sallynoggin inn on 19th of july i dropped my car key in iti hope the driver returns it as i have no spare key i got dropped off in wyattville road ballybrack

  27. anomunx2:15 AM

    i lost my chelesea wallet on the 25 /7 /2011 no one as help me to get it back thete i a piturec or me it the taix man neve r went the the ploice with not sayinfg all are bad just jim one of our own ones hope he has bad luck eith

  28. Anonymous2:24 AM

    if the taxi man is out there pleas look ing your cab or under the front seat by the safed belt i know it has been long time or drop into any fas office there is picture of me int he wallet chelsea

  29. Anonymous2:40 AM

    he was midle age man halled it on the top of sansymount ave and my freind to allded road he droped e at top of perbook road

  30. Anonymous2:11 AM

    on the 25t/7/2011 i lost my wallet and no one has help me get it back there is piture of me in there helped me get it back

  31. Anonymous6:37 AM

    hi there does anyone read this

  32. Anonymous1:16 AM

    i hope that taxie you picked me on that has all the back look that comes wtiht

  33. Anonymous1:17 AM


  34. Anonymous1:18 AM

    does any one read these semms not

  35. Anonymous2:04 AM

    hi yester morring at 815 i haile taxefrom top of sandymount ave to upper baggit stree on the drivers side i lost lost small light blue wallite with my bus pass it and dart pass wicth has my picture of me on it good he plaes drop it in to fas baggit street or in muber 7 gilford rpines letter boxes or ring me on my moble 0872721403

  36. Anonymous2:05 AM

    hi name is michale dunne was the driver name

  37. Anonymous2:20 AM

    there is reward for it for who finds it

  38. Anonymous3:18 AM

    does any one read these

  39. Anonymous6:30 AM


  40. Anonymous6:33 AM

    GET ME 00872721403

  41. Anonymous6:08 AM

    hi there neve got my chelsea wallite whi ide picture of me in it come on had give it to plocie stayntion thank you

  42. Anonymous1:33 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. Anonymous1:37 AM

    i got a taxi from the quays at stonybatter to the IFSC at about 1AM last night the 29th of September and i left a big navy and brown bag in the back seat with my purse inside. My college IDs are in the purse and my name is Riona.
    The taxi man was lovely and I have every faith that he will keep it for me if i can find him.
    The car was an avensis 2.2 diesel.
    If this rings any bells could you please call me on 0860738015, thanks!

  44. Anonymous1:34 AM

    hi my boyfriend and i got a taxi from clarence hotel to the airport november 18th at 8.15 am, i lost my iphone in the taxi, my boyfriend managed to speak to the taxi driver before phone went dead. if you remember please contact me 0873171926

  45. 2 black bags, a sports bag and a backpack, ledt in the boot of a taxi on Sun 2/12/12 at 2.55am in Dundrum. The journey was from Templeogue to Dundrum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Hugh on 0868098491

  46. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Got a taxi home Friday night from Carnegie courth hotel to donaghmede..think I left my kys inc my car key in it.. A key ring with an A on it..would love to get them back as have no spare car key.. 0876896022

  47. Hi think i left a case in boot of a taxi, caught sunday morning from heuston st heading northsde, reward

  48. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I think I left a wallet in a Taxi on Friday night (04/04/2013) from the Quays to Coolmine. Please contact me on

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  51. Anonymous2:46 AM

    hi left a tablet in a taxi at 3.45 on sunday to the train is in black case on it with Arnova on the front the tablet has glass broken on a coner .i have important things on it for college.
    if found ples email me on or

  52. Anonymous12:20 AM

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  53. Hi there I lost my small purple purse in a taxi last night Friday the 13th may. It was either in a taxi from aib ranelagh to just off upper mount pleasant avenue at around 1.30. Or a taxi from upper mount pleasant avenue to castle avenue in clontarf then onto Littlepace clonee via the m50 at approx 4.30am. I would really apreciate if it could be handed into Garda station. Many thanks.

  54. A taxi rank near trinty , I got I left a present of cologne in taxi any luck in finding carraige office are zero help

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