Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Major psycotic event

2 actors in costume wait to go into shot at Dublin Castle

A fine old Fiat 600

Father Jack

The empties arrive at Dublin port to be refilled.

Our Clontarf statue from Easter Island covered in snow

Well if there is a quota for them it would be good.

I got my first nutcase last week. I was coming down East Wall road heading for home when she hailed me. She was going to Smithfield all well and good,then she kicked off.

"Are they going to kill me? am I going to die?"
She was on the floor pulling out all the things in the pockets, then finding a map she hid under it. Nothing I could say would bring her back to reality,she just went on and on. We arrived in Smithfield and was asked to drive around the corner to Queen St. No she wouldn't get out, or would she ring her boyfriend.So I suggested that the Garda would protect her. We drove to the Bridewell garda station and parked on the footpath on Church St. No she wouldn't walk the 15 yards to the front door. So I rang 112, details exchanget there was €11 on the meter. We waited and as she became more agitated I became more agitated. Then with €15 on the meter I stopped a passer by and told him of my situation. He went into the Garda station, when he came back he was telling me they were on the way out. Then he noticed a Garda car coming out and he stopped it.They knew nothing of my plight but they came over.
There was a female Garda and she got in and started the negotiatons, I got out to be quizzed by her male associate.
The car had to be backed into the station Yard before she would get out.
As I drove away there was €21 on the meter,I was paid NOTHING.

She sat in the seat directly behind me where I couldn't see her, thank God she didn't have a knife or a gun.
Things could have been bad as you never know what might have taken place.

So if it is a quota I have done my bit for a few months.
At least I hope so.

I don't know if I relayed this one to you.
A Dublin woman gets into a taxi in Parnell St and asks to be brought to Saville Place.
The driver is going the wrong way all the time and in spite of numerous corrections brings her round the grand city tour.When they arrive there is €18 on the meter.
"Get off the stage" she says,"If you had come here directly the fare would have been €7 and that is all you're getting"
The taxi driver pulls her hand bag from her hands and starts going through it for his money.
So she gets out of the taxi (You have to love this) and walks to a white Transit van parked close by and bangs on the door. 3 armed Garda get out.
"That taxi driver has taken my handbag and he won't give it back"
Well the outcome was that all his documents were found to be forged, he was not a proper taxi driver at all, never tested, never vetted by the police either.

Well that is one less bogey one on the road.
There is one thing we do not need and that is that the public do not feel safe to use taxis at night.

Mickey Heart the trainer of the Tyrone football team and all the country went into deep shock when his daughter Michaela was murdered while on honeymoon in the paradise island of Mauritius.

She was buried the other day in her wedding dress,a sad sad day.
They sang that haunting beautiful song Caladonia at her funeral.

"Let me tell you that I love you
that I think about you all the time
Caledonia you're calling me
now I'm going home"

Just as the thoughts of the evil deed were fading the news came that twin baby boys had been admitted to Cork university hospital with brain injuries one was then sent to Temple St hospital where he is critical.

There is a lot of evil around for sure, its up to you and me to do a little good.

"Herring days" are here. It is a London expression for when business is so bad that you can't afford to buy meat and you have to eat herrings all the time.
Still I am not going to complain, things are a lot worse in Haiti one year on for sure.

January in Dublin is the month for the Turner watercolours

Then there is "The Field" a play by John B Keane. In the leading roll in Brian Denahey, a good actor and a great play.

Coming soon is Stomp a rythim show not unlike the Blue Man group.

You ain't seen nothing.

Look up Swan Lake with the Bolshoi coming soon.

But as someone said "Once you have seen one Swan die it's enough"

How do you find this for dancing

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  1. Happy you did not have a more hellish experience...sounds like a dangerous job!