Thursday, February 24, 2011

603 ? Wow

Savoy cinema O'Connell St.

A fancy clock again on the same street

A nice bit of street art opposite the George pub tells me that I have posted 602 times.
This is 603.

A guy at the rank told me today that "There's a guy who writes a taxi blog and there is an awful load of crap on it".

Well, like television my lad, there is an OFF button!

I was tired after my travels and today is my first real day back at work.
The morning was slow enough, then I diverted from my usual route and picked up one of my regular customers. A Polish girl working in finance, she has things of interest to tell me all the time. She is looking for Gidaffis money as it joins the financial system.

I shot around until noon when I went home for breakfast.

My oldest son has found a job in London and he came home for a few days before he starts work, he has been looking for a long time too.
So I spent some time with him and brought him to the ferry.

We arrived just as the Swift pulled in and I joined the taxi rank.
After a few minutes he checked in.

Shortly after that I got a fare from the ferry to Ballsbridge.
A very interesting guy (and if you are giving any talks in Dublin call me)he is an ex policeman. Welsh by race, worked in London and now works freelance as a private detective.
His last big success was solving "That murder in Hong Kong where the British girl was murdered and dismembered.
I had to ask how such a case could be solved?
"Its a jigsaw puzzle, you find a few pieces, then you find a few more, then the pieces start to fit together, and you get the whole picture, there is a method."

After I dropped him off I picked up a doctor just back from Melbourne going for a job interview, a happy bright girl, not so full of doom and gloom as the native Irish are at present.

Then loads of doctors and medics going to the conference center.

A nurse from Manchester, a nurse from Edinburgh married to a doctor, 3 nurses from Denmark, a doctor from Slovenia.
A mother and daughter from the O2 to Bewleys Ballsbridge, then to Heuston, heading for Waterford.
The X factor was taking place in the O2 as well.

Then a girl just after getting a spray on tan.She has a big wedding on at the weekend. She was still a very light color, but it darkens overnight,so she said.
You know the old song, "I have often heard it said ,from my father and my mother. That going to a wedding is the makings of another"

Then I got a fare to American soil.
The daughter of the American ambassador got in with her own daughter.
I have never been in the grounds of the residence, a beautiful house with stunning views of the Wicklow hills and the Dublin mountains, its right in the middle of the Pheonix park. As you turn to leave the house Abraham Lincon's bust is facing you.
I couldn't take any photos as I didn't want to be arrested as a spy!
Here is a link to an old post which shows the entrance and the story about the famous Pheonix Park murders.

Once upon a time the American ambassador and his wife were driving home, they had an old battered car, one that would not be noticed as it passed through town.
An over zealous garda pulled them over.
"Your tax disc is out of date, so I will be giving you a ticket"
"You don't understand I am the US ambassador"
"Well if you are the American ambassador, then I must be John Wane, give me your papers"
So after looking at his documents the garda says,
"I am sorry Mr.Ambassador I have made a mistake"
"That's quite all right Mr Wane, have a good night" said the ambassador as he drove away.

I don't know how true it is, but it is a too good a story to let the truth spoil it.

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