Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Strange models?

It is hard to believe that this place is 20 mins from my house.
When you are at the summit in Howth it is like being in the middle of the country.
Boy or girl?

There is something man ish about the way she moves what do you think ?

Jean Paul Gautier has caused a stir,his top model is a MAN, or so it seems.
Now look here

There are a lot more photos here

It is all so confusing.

But here is a girl who gets better looking as the years roll by.

But the walk ?

But boy oh boy.


Today the phone rang and the owner of the camera contacted me!

I had made 5 copies of around 10 photos which had people in them and I had 4 copies sent to different places with my number on the back, then someone noticed the name of a park, which I googled and I found out it was in Birr Co. Offaly.
So I sent the photos to the library there and they found the owner.

We has contacted me 3 times and his sister is coming to collect it next Wednesday.

What a fantastic result.

I know I how he must feel he is over the moon to get it all back.

I have a policy "Do on to others as you would like to be treated"

This is the photo that provided the clue.

So I googled the name in the photo and found out where it was.

This is one photo I would have loved to have snapped!

This week my friend Mabel turned 101, happy birthday.
She got a coin from the Irish president to celebrate the occasion!

I think she wants to collect the complete set.

One day only and it is on this Sunday.

Even I will be there.

So be there or be square!

On the other hand, changing the subject yet again.
Do you live in New York city USA?
Do you jog?

Would you like to help others less fortunate than you?

Wow 3 out of 3 !
Just click here

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