Monday, February 21, 2011

Good news at last

Well I arrived back in Dublin and I hope to hit the mean streets in the morning.

The good news for owners of older taxis is that the 9 year rule has been suspended.

As of yet I will not use the word abolished.

So this beautiful Jag can still ply the city streets, all leather seats Air Con. all the bells and whistles.

Why should you not ride in this car when a car 4 years old being driven 24/7 by 4 different drivers is somehow more desirable, just because of its age?


  1. A well-looked after older car is a beautiful thing! Glad they'll let the old girls stay on the road!

  2. That ride is tight John!

    My cab is 15 years old and runs like a champ, fuck that 9 years rule, I love that Jag bro!

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  5. oi crap I meant to just delete one of my comments, i don't like that it says it has been deleted by the author, that makes it sound like I wrote something terrible. I just wanted to delete the note about the deleting, damn, i gues that doesn't work.

    anyways, i wrote, where's the meter, do you not have meters there? I worked through the numbers and I guess if you had only one driver and did only one shift of work, you'd cut the mileage in half and it would go perfectly fine for 9 years. our rule is even if you are the sole driver owner of the car you can't have it for longer then 5 years. but it's different here, there are too many fees, I don't think you can actually make any money if you only drive 100 miles a day, it all goes into the overhead costs.