Sunday, February 27, 2011

Puker from the O2

Paparazzi wait for Usher

A spoof election poster.

Waiting for Godot at the Westbury

Look who's back in town.

Its Anna Livia the Flossie in the Jacuzzi.

Portmarnock strand.

Well here we are, after the smoke has cleared after the elections there are only 2 or 3 politicians from the old guard left standing.

A walkover.

The "Greens" are gone as well.

Well we can hope for a new dawn and a new beginning.

The sarcastic move by the minister to defer the 9 year rule did not wash with taxi drivers either.

I was heading home around 9.30 pm when a Garda stopped me at the O2.
"I have a very sober girl and a very drunk girl, would you bring them to their homes for us?"

Both girls were hairdressers and they looked great, almost like film star fantastic.
A bad night out for both girls though.

Her sober pal said that she had eaten nothing since breakfast and had worked all day before drinking vodkas on an empty stomach.

So we loaded up and headed off. The sober one kept the window open and the door locked in case she fell out. Sure enough the retching started at O'Connell bridge and continued down as far as Heuston station. Then the dry retching started and carried on for most of the journey.
Sharon keep your head out the window, we don't want to have to have pay to get the taxi cleaned.
It was a e40 fare, her pal was busy getting the sick girls boyfriend to meet us when we arrived in the far off suburbs.
He was not one bit happy to stop his nights drinking and come out. But he was shocked to see his girl friend blubbering like a baby,then she passed out.

So he got in and we set off the mile or so to her house.
It was a fine 4/5 bed double fronted house, detached.

When we stopped he opened the back door and she fell out on to the road. No matter how he tried he couldn't manage. The fireman's lift over the shoulder, or one arm over the shoulder of 2 people. But this limp girl was a problem. The more he tried to lift her the more he pulled off her clothes. If he had gone on the way he was going she would have been stripped naked.

To make things worse he would not take the help offered, I hope he didn't break her teeth or give her a black eye from dropping her.

When I came back into town I drove straight into the car wash and had the outside cleaned before the puke dried off. Then clean the little splashes away with baby wipes. Last but not least Fabreze spray to kill the Oder in the car.
I remember before the smoking ban using this every night before going to bed and the car would be as fresh as a new mown meadow in the morning.

I hope you are not reading this over breakfast!!!


  1. MAN! There's a lot going on in your line of work!

  2. AH the pukers where would we be without them huh. The ones that i hate are the ones who dont even make an effort to get to the door and just spew where they are.

  3. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Yep there is nothing as bad as hot vomit going down the inside of your shirt and running down your back on a busy Christmas night.

  4. As to the elections, I read a quote something like, "If you keep re-electing the same people, you'll keep getting the same results". Some people won't vote for anyone new to politics, but I look at it to at least give them a chance because likely they won't be as bad as the other ones! You need new blood and new ideas. Politics here in Alabama, USA, are not good, and Birmingham, Alabama's mayors have recently been world laughing stocks!

  5. Thanks, John, for dropping by. It is so true we never go visit museums in our own city. We have some fine ones such as the ROM and AGO in Toronto.

    Love reading your blog, brings back my memories of our trips to Dublin, which hasn't happened in a couple of years now, must be time!! Definitely getting a hankering to go "home".

  6. I forgot to ask you where is the Floozie in the Jacuzzi residing these days?