Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I thought I had died and gone to Cuba. Imagine made in 1941 and still going

She got into taxi and another woman said to me to tie her belt and bring her home.
It turned out to be a €6 fare but an interesting one.
Her pal had suggested that they go to the Phoenix park for a picnic.
She had lost her job through "Acting the goat" she had seduced the senior partner in the practice and was now out of a job. Her Friend had brought 5 bottles of Italian wine and they had polished them off between them.
She had had a right skin full and she felt an awful headache coming on when she reached her house.
I told my son about it,he is 19.
His reaction was very mature. He thought that the senior partner being the older and more responsible person involved in the affair should be the person to be punished.
A good point.

Taxi drivers taking detours is another one.
A lady working for our television station in New York got into a taxi who brought her on a grand tour, arriving at her hotel with €65 on the meter. The cost should have been around €20 to €25 so she told the driver that she was from Dublin and that this was the route he had taken. She had written down the complete journey.
She then told him that she was calling the police to allow him the chance to explain the route he had brought her on. The taxi driver took off without being paid.
On checking the taxi out in her office she found out that the roof sign and number plate did not match. A bogey taxi.

The airport has supposed to have all kinds of cameras and scanners in place to stop such things from happening.

This morning a lady told me that she asked a driver to take her to St Stephens Green.
He didn't know where it was so she asked him to pull over to the kerb and got out.
When she was on the footpath she screamed at him that she was sick and tired of illegal taxi drivers posing as qualified drivers.
Good on her, the car drove away.
She wished that she could be sure that her daughters could be safe when they go out at night.
There once was an all female taxi company called Angels cabs but it broke up I hear because you cannot specify one gender over another,
Another lady in Sandymount told me that she got into a taxi on the North Strand and asked him to turn left to go over the Sam Beckett bridge. "Who's driving you or me" he drove straight on and she told him to pull over. "Who ever pays the piper calls the tune, smart arse. Now off you go"
She said she didn't pay.

Every day you hear stories of taxi drivers ripping off tourists, its a world wide thing.

Nice to hear the odd one getting their come uppence

Laladies bras hang from the telegraph wires in Inchicore.
A fundraiser to make money for breast cancer research.

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