Wednesday, March 07, 2012

International Womens day

Moore St More like Baghdad than Dublin

This was on display in the RHA a few years ago, its super I think

What can I say.
Bless you all.

If women ruled the world there would never be any wars.

Just complete entire countries sulking for years.

Well it is said that you make your own luck.
Now this is not Gospel it varies according to the whims of the Gods.

But it is said that if you have a positive attitude you will attract positive things towards yourself and vica versa.
But if you are a grouch snapping at everyone, then you attract misfortune upon yourself.

One lady got into the taxi a few weeks ago and she was making a toxic brew for herself for sure.
She was a air hostess and I offered to tell her a really good joke.

"Look I don't want to listen to you. I am off duty now so I don't have to talk to you"

So she didn't hear a great joke and created a heap of bad karma for herself.

Then on Tuesday I was hailed by a couple who were having an argument. Instead of jumping in they stood there talking. I was blocking traffic and as the door was not open I drove off. This is a hard thing to do as passengers are hard to find.
Then just down the road I spotted a lady waving on the other side of the road and swung around. She was going to Baggott St. which was a good step away.
The first couple had crossed the road by this time and did not notice that I was the taxi which had abandoned them a moment before.
But the new passenger had a story to tell. Choking tears back she told me that she had been in another taxi and she asked him to stop the car until she sorted the seat belt out which was jammed.
The taxi driver just slammed on the brakes and shouted at her to "Get out of my fucking taxi you stupid bitch, if you're so thick you can't even put on a seat belt then I wont let you ride in my taxi"

So she was then thrun out on the spot.

She had his roof sign number and was going to ring the taxi regulator.

Well I didn't tell her that she was waisting her time.
The powers that are in charge of the taxi industry don't know or even care about anything.

It is a sad fact that in our modern society people simply do not do their jobs.

Still Spring is far advanced and the Flowers are popping up all over the place.
It was a really mind winter. Europe got minus 25/30.
No wonder they are still coming to visit our green island.

The Joke ?

Now if you don't want it read no further.

A guy was walking towards the airport and a young air hostess in a uniform he didn't recognize was walking beside him.

He decided to try a few of the airlines slogans to find out which airline she represented.
"Fly the Rolls Royce way"? BEA
"as smooth as silk" ?Thai air
“It’s the o-o-only way to fly.”?Western Airlines
"We’ll take more care of you"- British Airways-
"We’re National, the Sunshine Airline. Watch us Shine."- National Airlines

Just then she stops and turns around to face him.


Ah now I know which airline you are Brianair.


  1. Love that joke. I heard last week in Cancun told by a Toronto Lawyer and the airline in question was Air Canada!!

  2. Hi John, I've been following your blog for some time now. I think you are a good man and that the world is a better place with you in it. Keep sharing your stories =)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again