Saturday, March 03, 2012

The King is back

Ah the stone heads that adorn the arches on the fruit market in Francis St.
Someone once told me that they represent the features of the people who live in the countries where the exotic fruits came from.
The market has been closed for many years which is a pity.

Anyhow Francis St. is also the home of the Tivoli theater. Until the 10th there is a really good show on.

Kevin Doyle will be Elvis, the other guy singing in this clip is one of Elvis's origonal backing group.

Just in case you miss it


  1. I do very much enjoy sculptures. I do miss that old world feel here in the states.

    Hope all is well,



  3. Lots of buildings here in New York with heads like that...long overdue they should take them down and display the Taxi Drivers of the world like you and me...iuncrease the real estate value immediately Ha !! Cheers !

  4. As long as they don't put up our real heads it will be OK