Friday, March 16, 2012

After the big parade

So St.Patricks day has been and gone for another year.
As they say on the t shirt

"What happens in Dublin stays on facebook"

On this holiday you have to arrange yourself so that you are well rested.
Then as you head out you will find people heading into town, after the parade they are milling around to get home again. Then later on the people coming out of the ale houses.
This can be a really messy time as the people have been drinking from an earlier time and the are much drunker than normal by say 8 PM.

Anyhoo my first lucky person was heading for the airport, flying to Paris and on to Algeria.
As an Algerian she had a strong dislike of that animal which can be found in Paris.
A very difficult race of people they are.
She was flying to Algeria via Paris to adopt a baby son.
The path for adoption is not easy and the paperwork is endless. One would think that the welfare of the child would be paramount, but sadly it is all paperwork.
I hopped about quite a bit and it took me a while to work out my shortcuts to avoid the routes which were blocked off to me for the duration of the parade.
So you hop from place to place dropping off as close as you can.
During the parade I went home for my dinner and had a sleep.
Then when I went out after the parade there were a lot of people who had been over indulging. "Drowning the Shamrock"

So I said to myself that it was time to quit and to live to fight another day.

But then there was a parade of Rolls Royce cars which had been engaged to bring a group of Italian tourists for a drive through the city from the Westbury hotel.
I had borrowed my sons camera so I hope I can post a few photos of them.
My passenger from the hotel was one the most awful people I have ever had the misfortune to meet. "Why are you going this way? We could have walked faster"
People like that can spoil your day if you let them.
Thank God that the rest of my passengers were normal happy people.

On Friday I met a guy who has probably one of the best jobs in the world. He drives cars back down to their clients from their service center in Northern Ireland. They service Ferrari,Porsche, Bentley and Maserati cars. I think he must have been working for Charles Hurst. He had ben at the Lotus and the other car factorys many times and had driven many concept cars.
What a guy, he reminded me of Jackie Stewart the racing driver.
So I found you this

Ha Ha

The last time I saw a TVR was in Traynors scrap yard near Moy Co Tyrone.
Hardly any damage to the car, a cracked windscreenand the passenger window broken.
The driver had rolled the car without a seat belt and had been crushed by the car.
Now the car itself would be crushed to end any possible distress to his relatives.

This week I went to see a lecture by the magician David Regal.
A working magician from California he lectured in the slickest fashion with quick quips and slights.
When you see a working magician who makes magic his living their actions and movements are so polished it is a joy to watch.
I suppose that is true of most professionals who are good at their job.

Speaking of professionals, When our taxi driver brought us to our hotel when we were in Blackpool he did a clever thing. This cost him nothing. But it earned him an extra job.
"What time is your flight? Will I come back here and collect you then?"
So he earned another £15 while the taxi rank was 20 yards from the hotel door.
So just by asking he got a job without any waiting time.

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