Saturday, March 10, 2012


There was a film that came out around Christmas about Ballymun,I missed it.
It won a few awards.
This development was a hell on Earth for many years, built to relieve a chronic overcrowding in the city it was never finished. No shops cinemas etc so the people went wild.

Today it has been mostly rebuilt and the area has come on no end, but every taxi driver will have stories of the old Ballymun.

So try clicking here to find the film.
If there is a problem try again here to watch it.

Let's hope that from now on all the tales from new Ballymun will be posative ones.


  1. Is the film working for you?
    I can't tell if You don't tell me.

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  3. Just over there on the right hand side you can make it 483.
    Glad you are enjoying it.
    Happy St.Patricks day to you all