Friday, September 14, 2012

Freshers week.

Another of those scooter trucks

The papers in the hotel were loaded on to sticks to stop you taking them.

Through the tunnel under the motorway.

Open her up on the "M50" on the way to Venice airport.

As you know every taxi has to have a fare card

This morning I was heading up the back of Clarendon St when I was surrounded by loads of men and women in cheap black suits.
I first thought it was a Men In Black convention or an undertakers day out.
It was none of that at all.
It was Robbie Williams going into Brown Thomas store to launch his new line of menswear.

I went on up to the Westbury where the line of taxis suddenly moved forward.
I waited and spoke to a great one time professional comedian Sean Connors.
He told me he worked the "Circuit" in England with his Dad who was a singer years ago.

Here it is as they say the didn't have to travel far to find his talent.

Remember Pavarotti singing with his dad?

All the schools are back and the Banks are lining up to try and get customers.
One of my sons got a credit card once.
The wiser one got a free pen and folder when he opened his account.

You know its getting cold but we had a beautiful morning and rain in the afternoon.

Another good word from my sponsors. They now have 1,400 taxis on the system

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