Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tommy Valentine

Whatever happened to Tommy Valentine.


He drove around in a Merc which once was owned by Charley Haughey our one time leader.

I went to see one of his shows.
A really great voice but no stage craft.

I think that with a bit of coaching he would have been great.

Yes a bit of nostalgia there.

Yes folks the taxi drivers outing was indeed yesterday.

Not much about it in the media !

Today an Italian chef I know defended his colleagues back in Italy to me.

"John you send me customers and I look after them like they are my children, but if you go to a big tourist city where they have 100,000 different tourists coming into the city every day, why should they care?
Would you sent a good customer to a restaurant in Temple bar for example?"

I said that if I was running a restaurant that I would treat my guests with respect and serve them the best I could, Luigi you are only as good as the last meal you served to MY passengers, if I get a few complaints I won't tell you, we will all just go away.

Life is strange,I drop into Luigi, taste his food, have a cup of tea. I have never taken a free meal from him yet we have a strange respect between each other.
I know that my guests will be treated well,we could do deals,a few euro here and there,one hand washes the other.
But that is not my style.

"You know what I mean?"

"Sai cosa voglio dire?"

Here he sings a song about a dog Scoobie dobie dooo.

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