Friday, September 28, 2012

No angel at the crossroads

While I am driving I am looking all the time, looking for my next job, looking for blockages in traffic and looking for people who would walk right out in front of you.

Yesterday I was out of the car for a while when I saw them.

First a girl around 20 with 2 new sleeping bags tied to her belt.
Then her partner walking behind..

Both were stoned out of their minds.

The next thing I noticed were his shoes, really expensive. In my experience buying casual shoes for my tribe I reckon there would be little change from €300. Then his back pack, that was a quality item as well.
They walked along not seeing anyone.

Two Zombies walking in daylight the "living dead"

With their lives in freefall I wondered if there might be an Angel at the crossroads to take them away from this hell..

Even the rich and powerful are not immune from this dark shadow


  1. Too much time on their hands.

  2. No my friend, this was not stoned for fun, this was Heroin. Their passport to hell