Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rain like stair rods

            Waiting for Godot?
 The biscuit maker?

   What a fine model ship at the tourist office

Today Wednesday morning we had a very heavy downpour for around an hour.

Srange to say passengers were scarce on the Clontarf seafront.
Then I found out I had been following a bus, so I just turned around when The HailO system went "Ching Ching" I had a fish in the net and went off to reel her in. "Passenger on board" and I was on my way.

She told me that she had tried 2 radio companies and they couldn't send a taxi for 30 minutes, if indeed they could even get one.
She pressed the HailO app and got a taxi in 4 minutes.
She was very impressed !
Dropping her off at the Central Hotel I turned my driver app on and straight away it went "Ching Ching" This time my new passenger was in Fitzwilliam Square.
I headed towards The Green and saw it wedged with traffic, so up by Wexford St, Camden St, across Hatch st down Adelaide Rd (which was slow) But I arrived there on time.
My new friend from Saudi Arabia got in. He was not happy about being kept waiting.
So I explained that there would be no vacant taxis during a storm like this, I had driven past around 6 people who were  looking for taxis.
So it would be logical for me to turn off my HailO system and just pick up on the street, therefore wasting no time or fuel driving to pick up people while there was plenty of work on the street .
So he settled down and he told me about his country, all the different landscapes, the oil and he accepted that having great wealth brings its own set of problems.
Every country is rich in its own traditions, beneath  all the oil money people are much the same, we all want a full belly and peace to sleep and relax.

Now the Euromillions is around €110 million on Friday, so perhaps I will travel to far off lands instead of the people from those lands visiting me.

So if I am not around by Sunday don't come looking for me.

A cheap dream !

Doing the damn income tax I have to pull out loads of papers as I do not have an efficient filing service.
I find loads of other things which I was not looking for, including this ladys business card, she wanted us to go to Siberia with her.

Her website is here
She is the Russian champion of magic, the French photographer who was doing portraits that day was wondering out loud "How should I portray her?" He went wild when I suggested as a VAMPIRE and that is what she became.
Nice memories of that Blackpool is held in Feburary

One thing worth remembering.
If you miss one oppertunity wait in readyness for your second chance

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