Friday, October 05, 2012

October arrives

                                 Fridays food fair on the canal near grand canal dock

                  This is a must see, great acting (Not too many laughs)

              The face in the middle poster has been in my taxi a good few times.

                           Hilton Hotel Kilmanham, best toilets in Dublin

                                           Taxing matters on the table

                                          Another view of Sam Beckett bridge

Well another week gone and we are into a new month as well.
Where does the time go?
This week 5,000 high flying legal eagles descended on Dublin for a bar council conference.
All short hops €10 but it all adds up.
It ends tonight then there will be one almighty rush to the airport tomorrow.
Conferences like this gives professionals the chance to network and spend some face time with someone that they have been doing business with over the phone but whom they have never met.
You know after a few seconds talking to someone that they are as sharp as a razor or as thick as a plank. One guy from Chicago was raving about what a great city Dublin was "but I need to know where to eat?" is the place to go.A few more questions, seconds later he held out a €20 for his €10 fare. "Keep it I appreciate your help"
Another lady from London talking on the phone.
Talking" business" in public.
We arrived and stopped outside the conferance center and she must have said the same sentence 40 times over, still talking I had to tell her to get out, fumbling for money and then she waited to get 20cent change and her receipt.
In 20 years I might have made only 4 calls for longer than one minute.(Yes I had a Motorola brick) I would never discuss business in public." I am away, so I will ring you when I get back" is usually enough.
Still if she could not concentrate on what she was saying she was more than likely be burned out.
If you ever saw someone like that you would know exactly what I mean.
A Boston lawyer told me once that he makes his staff take 6 months off every few years to avoid burn out. According to him when people have a breakdown they seldom reach the same level of brilliance again.
Boston is a great center for law, many of the best of the best come from there.

Back to the HailO system, still going great.
(It is a mobile phone app which calls the nearest taxi up to you in a few minutes)
It is now in London, Dublin, Chicago,Boston, New York state and Toronto.
Imagine when you are in any of these places you can hail a taxi with 2 taps on your phone.

I know I had to get rid of my old Nokia phone for an I phone, but in the first month the phone and the years bill has been paid for already.
The customers are a better class of person as well.


  1. I love seeing Dublin in this way. I visited for the first time a few years ago and can't wait to go back!

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