Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy holloween

     Exotic flower opens up in all its glory
                       Promotion at Abbercrombie and Fitch
                       Vintage Citroen
                                         Its that man again

The other day on Cork St. 2 young women with the granny and a kid jumped in.
"Quick Mount joy prison and step on it"

Visiting time.

Like most people who live a less ordered life they had slept it out.
All the secret things were discussed and spelled out so the kid did not understand, but he will know it all in a short while.

When they were getting out the young lad said. "Mister we could have robbed ya"
Well then you would have to be locked up in here as well I said.
There are crime families in every country,people buying and selling stolen goods,drugs and breaking into homes and cars for a living.
Even people who buy and sell people, hard to believe but slavery is alive and well even here in Ireland. The slave may be put on drugs and made to work as a prostitute or be forced to work in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, fearing deportation if they are found the situation can go on for years.
They have miserable lives.
I mentioned here before about an Indian man who was working night and day in an Indian restaurant and take away around the Naas Rd area, when he was rescued the courts ordered his "employer" to pay him something like €90,000.
The boss then employed a very clever lawyer and went back to court.
As there was no formal contract of employment between him and the man, he could not legally be termed as an employee.
Therefore he should not have to pay him.

The judge agreed and sent them away.

That judge in England who had a habitual burglar in front of him must have never had his house broken into.
He struck up a conversation with the robber and said how brave the robber must be.It takes a lot of bravery to enter another persons home take their valuables !
Then he let him and his girlfriend off with a caution.
We had a female judge like that here in Dublin as well, one day a hand bad snatcher took her handbag, as he tugged it off her she spun around and broke her hip..
There was always a prison sentence for mugging people every time from her from then on.

Justice and the law is big business, do not be shocked that very few rich banker crooks will be going to prison.
The bankers own the politicians.

Supply and demand, that's the name of the game.
When supply is low prices go up, this improves supply and the prices go back down.
In the taxi industry there was a very limited supply 2,500 or so in Dublin, so many cars had 2 drivers. Some taxi plate owners had 3 or more plates. The value of these plates had gone through the roof.
Some drivers will tell you that in divorce settlements the wife got the house,he got the taxi.
Then deregulation came It was argued that the council had created a monopoly, which is against EU rules, so new plates were issued without limits to their number.
Now with so many taxis in Dublin the same plate can be bought for €1500, though with the non transferable rule comes into force soon they will  become totally worthless.

At least it was not as bad as the Tulip bulb mania read here  which happened long ago in Holland.

The part that is sad about the present situation is that more and more taxi drivers are fleecing their passengers and the regulator is not being proactive in dealing with the situation.
The HailO system gives you a lot of protection in that regard.

Did you hear about the police man who gave a taxi driver a ticket for speeding?
What will I do with this said the taxi man.
Put it in your pocket and when you get 3 more you will get a bicycle.

Take it easy out there and get a good fast reverse gear.


  1. Hi John, I think your car was featured in an article in the Journal, picture of a Hailo wrapped prius with a hand sticking out of the boot, (Dublin Taxi dressed for Halloween) theres a link to it in a thread called Halloween Taxi over on the forum

  2. Yes my car allright.
    The hand sticking out of the boot?
    Well he was a slow runner.