Saturday, October 13, 2012

Priory Hall

                                       Priory Hall

                                    A deserted development on the other side of the road

One year ago the residents of an apartment block in Donaghmede were evacuated from their homes owing to poor construction and fire safety.
They are still out of their homes today
The powers that be are passing the buck and refusing to take the blame.
The fire safety officer never inspected the building before they were sold

This could happen to anyone, yet all the certs and checks did not add up,
A march has been organized for today to support them.

I got this first hand from an insurance claims investigator who inspected a different apartment where one person died. There were 57 fire doors missing in that complex.
A lot more people might have died if it had not happened on a bank holiday weekend.
The company which did the work had closed down and the guy who had signed the fire safety cert was now an employee of Zowe developments which had built the complex.

No one was arrested or charged.


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