Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is me driving a Firrarri 360 Yippie !

Royal hospital Chelsea
          This is the house where Bram Stoker lived in when he was in London

Well today in the morning I got 4 HailO jobs, strange thing about that is,  but for those jobs I would have found no work at all.

A lady in the taxi told me about her friend who was training to become a nurse. 
To make ends meet she did some babysitting . So one morning she arrived to take up her duty.
The husband who was supposed to be minding the children was asleep in bed when she arrived.
There was a 3 year old and a small baby..
So as she was getting the baby dressed the toddler told her that he had given the baby her "medicene"
So she asked what he had given to the baby and he showed her an empty Paracetamol bottle.
The father was woken up and he didn't know how many tablets were in the bottle, he thought only a few, so she would be allright. 
Being a nurse she scooped up the kids and headed off to the hospital.
At this point the mother phoned her and told her to go to the local GP instead but she kept on to the hospital.
As it turned out the baby had taken 5 tablets. 2 would be a normal adult persons dose so 5 to a baby would have been fatal.

Well done !

Did the parents give her a bonus?

Well no they deducted €50 from her pay. 

That was the difference between the doctors fee and the hospital cost. 

I don't think Paracetamol is sold in bottles now and I know you cannot buy more than one pack at a time.

Next thing you know they will be selling rope by the inch in case you try to hang yourself.

The best thing to do would be to write to the small claims court, putting your side of the story, adding mileage costs and parking 

I am sure she would win.

What do you think?

Then there is the falling property prices and crash.

A case is coming into the commercial court on the 22nd of October concerning a house at Gorse hill Vico Rd Killiney. The 2 daughters are fighting to keep the house which was partly used as security to borrow €71 million for property investment by their parents.
The house was valued at €30 million in 2006 now it is worth between €6 to €7 million.

Now in any mans books that is a hell of a drop..

There is always someone worse off than yourself.


  1. Wow! I'm glad the baby is OK. I would be kissing her feet. What runs through some people's minds? Why hire a soon to be nurse to watch your children if you don't want her expertise? If I were her, I'd be looking for new clients.

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