Sunday, November 04, 2012

Drugs and prison

                 That's what I call an engine
                   God bless Ayrton Senna.

Up on Dorset St. the other day I was flagged down by a girl who was frantically looking for a taxi.
Right mister 2 stops Pierce st and the courts, quick.  No ! stop me fella has to come as well.
He was locking the door to the apartment.
Hurry up ! leave the fecking thing we'l be late !
So eventually he hops in and off we shoot to the methadone clinic.

He was buzzin full of the joys of life, high as a kite.
Jezis mister I haven't slept for 3 days.
We arrive at the side entrance of the clinic, she goes in and he starts chatting to everyone going in and coming out. I thought you were locked up says one.
No I'm being sentenced today.
Ya might be let off.
Ya I might and pigs might fly.
Then one familiar face came along with his partner(street drug dealers) and my trusted friend buys a card of downers (Tranquilisers)
Then he started taking them 1,2,3,4 woa I say how many are you going to take?
The whole fucking card, I can't carry on like this I need to come down.

What if you can't waken up in the court.

That doesn't matter I'm fucked anyhow.
Then one of his mates gets in for a bit of a chat and borrows his phone. 1235578990 Hello baby I'll be dere in a few minutes, arright, now don't go buyin of anyone else. I'm your number one and only dealer.

Then at last the girl arrived and we headed off for the courts dropping the third person off at O'Connell bridge.

The girl it turned out was a lap dancer from Newcastle (England)
Only we're in a bit of a hurry I'd get her to do you a quick turn for ya.

You won't be getting much lap dances where you're going, that's for sure she said.

So amid all the banter we arrived at the courts and he started paying me. 1,3,5,7,8,8.50, 10 all the while people were shouting for him to hurry up. Then a fellow drug dealer ran out of the courts complex.
17.50 .
Your brief is going mad, you' ve been called.
So he departed.

Once more peace descended into the car and apart from the smell of Jim Beam rum and cigarettes and cheap perfume nothing remained except the €17.50 of my €20 taxi fare.

You would never believe how boring the next person was.

Thank God

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