Thursday, November 29, 2012

Much Loved

I was passing Mark Nixons photographic studio when I snapped this.
I went inside and spoke to Mark and he told me that the exhibition had gone viral.

So pop in and take a look Click here
Take a look at the blog page to see how his fame has gone far and wide.

My day had a funny start. I turned on my HailO app on the phone and walked out to see my car pure white with frost. As I turned to go back in to get some WARM water to deice the windscreen a call came in on the system and I accepted it, I filled the plastic jug and threw it over the windscreen and then I couldn't find my car keys....Panic...searched good, so I rang to explain. No problem take a couple of minutes you are only round the corner.
Then I found them in my jacket pocket, when you book a taxi on the HailO system you can see where the taxi is, so he knew I was coming.
On arrival He ushered me through the gates where his BMW was ready for me with jump leads attached !
Problem number 2.
Because the Prius hybrid system uses a tiny battery there is no way it could jump start anything. But I have a booster pack at home, so we dropped his kid to the creche and then to my house and back to his place, 5 minutes later he was running. Then I said "I suppose that's me finished then" and so it was.
Its a good job I hadn't a conventional car or I would have had no run at all for my money.(Or visa versa)
I had only driven 50 yards when I got another HailO job this time as far as Mount St.

If you are reading this from abroad you might not have been following the case of a judge who has gone to prison.
As a solicitor she drew up a will for a client who was a friend. Time passed she became a barrister and progressed to judge. When you become a judge your legal practice is passed over to another firm of solicitors. They duly went over all the papers and found that she had named her 2 children as beneficiary in the mans will.
When questioned about it she that it must have been an error by the typist.
On digging a good bit further she was put on trial and found guilty of fraud, lost her job and got something like 4 years in Sing Sing.

It is very important for everyone to make a will, you might be killed tomorrow crossing the road and your affairs could be held up for years.
Oh yes ! and read the papers before you sign.
In our case the will had to be re printed twice.

The solicitor we used happened to be struck off later, not for that though

The gent whose will it was must be feeling sore, he was a friend of hers.

"It is easier to forgive your enemy for doing you wrong than it is to forgive a friend for doing you wrong.".
How very true.

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