Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ying Yang

            Band on the run

    All the crap from the garage ....to the taxi...to a secret location.

Well it has come to pass !
Have I been naughty
Have I been nice !

If only life were so simple.
You are good and good things happen to you.
Then if you are naughty...You get a big boil on your arse!

Life is not so simple though, the bad are rewarded and even children suffer from the evils of the world..

I have stepped back and stopped looking at the big table of my quota of good VS bad deeds.
I reckon I could do more good.
I could do a hell of a lot more bad, that's for sure.

Today I seemed to have entered a state of Limbo.
That's where Christians go when they are neither in Heaven or Hell.

My orbit as planet John travells through space is being pulled in a different direction.
I don't know whether it is for the good or bad.
One thing for sure is that I don't plan on being a Jessie James or s super saint.
But there is a change in the air..

I am relying on people I know to keep me going, renovation work is going on in my house, so the contents have been moved from room to room.
It is amazing to see how much absolute crap you gather if you do not throw stuff away on a daily basis.

This is a job which should be done in January/ Feb.

Not for the bizzy month which is upon us! (Not)

So I am just saying I am still here.

taxi tale!!

The other day I picked up a lady going to Dublin Castle.
She was Mute, deaf and dumb.
En route she took out a laptop and she was doing sign language.

Oh I said to myself , "she is talking to herself, rehersing a speech perhaps ?"

Then it hit me. She was using Skype to talk to her friend in Sign language!
There's one for the book for sure.
We are wonderful species how we find methods to communicate


  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Hi John, It's that time of year again. Best wishes to you and all belonging to you and also your visitors to your blog. Regards, Tommy.

  2. Hiya John, Hope you are doing ok my olde friend, l like the halo colours on your taxi

  3. Not quite yet Tommy
    Then we also have the drunks coming home
    And the Pogues,Fairytale of New York
    Where ever you are have a good one and a safe one