Thursday, November 01, 2012


         Dunlop tyre factory upper Stephen Street, the first in the world

                           DELUXE INTERIOR Mercedies 

              Beautiful trim and finish     

                                      Garda on Segways.


That's what you are supposed to say on the first of the month.

Life is so precious,
in an instant your whole world can be turned upside down.
Thousands of people had their homes wrecked in the worst storm ever in the USA, lives lost everything changed.

Last week here in Ireland a father took his 2 young kids for an early morning walk, a car careered across the road killing the 2 children and pinning him against the wall. The driver had passed out and knew nothing about what happened.
From what I heard the driver had just had the all clear to drive again after suffering blackouts.

Then there is the 14 year old girl bullied on the internet who took her own life.
She had tried everything to make the bullies leave her alone,they went to the police and they said that unless they were hitting her physically there was nothing they could do.
We need to talk to the kids more.

Bullying is an awful thing, the more the bully terrorizes the victim the stronger they become.
"Bully in sight" by Tim Field is a very good book I bet there are others which can help 

So folks while you think of that.
Seize the moment.
Put purpose and meaning into your day.

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