Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Still cruising along

            Go on tell me how many religions did you know?
          People waiting for taxis at Victoria station

Well the weather has improved and yesterday I had a walk on Dollymount strand. 
Imagine a beach around 2 miles from the city center.

On the taxi front I brought a Saudi man to the airport yesterday and we spoke of people who live among vast wealth and become arrogant and completely hateful

So I told him about the guy from the embassy who was in the car a few weeks ago.

The call came to me via HailO just after the skys opened and the streets filled with rain.
When I arrived he was annoyed. "Why are you so long coming? I wait a long time!"

So after a quick lesson of please and thank you and most important of all!!!! That he could get out of the car if he wished and I would be well within my rights to request that he got out as bad manners and lack of respect from King to Pauper will never be tolerated..

His anger rose to boiling point. But he was checkmated, so then as we set off.
 I pointed  to the soaked commuters waving for taxis.
"To stop for any of these people I would be treated like a hero." I said.

Then he said it 

"I'm sorry"
"Good man now we will get on fine"

Strange to say that we did get on very well, so well that in the end he shook my hand and asked for my phone number.
I told him to just use the HailO system as taking private bookings often breaks the rythem of my day. You know you can't take a job 1/2 an hour before a booked pick up and I really couldn't risk becoming a manservant of a pup like that.   We would have many journeys where each would be trying to get the upper hand against the other, I just couldn't be arsed..

Anyhow back to the other guy who was off to the airport, very well educated really good manners.
Many Arab people are very wealthy, not millionare status but billionare status and they live with much poverty around them. As you can immagine if you have billions of dollars your children can have anything and they expect everything. The danger then is that they have no ambition, they don't have a job or the need to work so you get massive problems.

This is what I mean, loads of money DARE YOU TO...........
Just put in Saudi drifting on you tube to see what a problem too much money can be for parents.

An amusing aside to the strict dress code in Saudi Arabia  a customer told me that a lot of Saudis go to a distant country to let off steam and relax.(Can't recall the name of the place)
 "You know the Saudi girls, they have the very shortest skirts"

So dropping him off at the airport I looked over at the taxi pick up area. One taxi !
Back at the holding area where cars were backed up on to the road. 3 to 3 1/2 hours queing to make it to the terminal for a job

I know that most guys will not take the bonus that taxi driving will give them.
Discussions about how we live in comparison to other nations all around the world,
I get a lot of education from my taxi  

To everyone open your minds

Would you miss the opertunity to talk to an Eskimo? 

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