Monday, October 21, 2013

Time moving on

A man with a steel pole which has a wooden spool at the end listens for leaking water under ground.

This fine gentleman was photographed by Mark Nixon at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert
If you go to his blog page you can see some fantastic skyscapes

The last few days have been taken up by saying farewell to Mabel. It was a happy but emotional time for all.
Boy did she some changes in her long life.

Business is up for taxis.
The new rules with regard to illegal drivers are starting to have an effect.Plus the schools and the courts are back at work.
The rain this morning had the punters out like members of Hitler youth with their hands out.
But once the 9.15 watershed passed things were quiet.

In this job everything is down to luck If lady Luck is not smiling for you you might as well go home.

You do know that Google HQ is in Dublin and Yahoo,Facebook,Ebay,Microsoft,Amazon and even Intel.
It is a pity that they do not employ more Irish  people but the richness of culture that these firms have brought to our shores is immense.
Young intelligent enthusiastic people flooding into Ireland.

What is amazing to me is the speed of the changes in technology.
It is no time at all since we bought a computer game which played table tennis.
Now my 3 sons play war games against each other while living in Northern Ireland,London and Dublin.
I bought a word processor once, now my phone does speech to text and emails the result in seconds.
I once worked in the international telephone exchange when there were manual telephone exchanges where the operator pushed in a plug and twisted the handle to complete the call.
Now we have Skype, free calls around the world.
I read about the founder of
Everything he owned he bet on the venture,no one knew quite what it was back then,we went to the web site to have a look.
Do you have a book called "Maths mystery and magic by Martin Gardner?"I asked.
I had been looking for it for ages (Never lend books tools or money) In 2 weeks it arrived!

Then Ryanair brought us everywhere for e10! (ha ha )
All progress.
A few years ago I bought a CAR in Japan on the internet.
Fantastic !
In 10 years all those asshole car sales people who wouldn't deal with customers will be gone.
Why would the car makers pay them the commissions when Joe public can buy on line.
Small parts like a handle for your washing machine used to take days to find now it is a click away.

Some lonely hearts even find a partner on line.

As Bob Dalyn once said.

"The times they are a changing
So So true

Sad to say I couldn't find a good copy of Bob singing it

If I have seen such changes imagine what has changed since 1910 when Mabel was born

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