Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clocks fall back

Alians walk down Wexford St.

          Backing on to reception there is frosted glass with scores of real vintage keys attached

                                       Clontarf Castle Hotel

Well the old clocks went back last night, the seasons are moving on.
The other day my first job of the day was to Jamestown near Ashbourn Co Meath,
I headed off towards Finglas and turned right on to the road.
The next thing my passenger said was
"Where are you taking me ? You have been going the wrong way for ages!"
Just then I pointed out the Ashbourn sign to her and she relaxed again.
My poor heart had flipped for a moment.
I told her the sorry tale of bringing a guy to the wrong place once which was miles from where he wanted to be.
You do your best to make it up to them, sometimes they still can't be happy.
In this case she laughed it off saying that she really hadn't been looking at the road annd was sorry for giving me a fright.

She worked for Yahoo and she told me an interesting fact.
"The average working time for a Google worker is 5 years, they don't keep the Grays"
But jobs are hard to find now, I wonder what the job market will be like for people with a narrow range of skills in 2018.
I have 3 sons so I know how hard it is for them to find work at present.

It makes me wonder how the bright young things will fair out when they enter the real world.
I had an Ex Microsoft worker in the taxi and she had ended her "natural" working life in the company.
In her case she still does contract work and she stays in touch with her team. But to just be turfed right out after 5 years must be hard.

Today I picked up a taxi driver in Teranure, he was in a really bad way, in a big panic.
He thought he was going to die.
He was at a house party and someone brought out Magic Mushrooms which were then brewed up and they passed around the resulting "Tea"
It must have been like LSD because my good pal had a really bad trip.
He was very happy to be at home, but he kept insisting that the whole face was distorted though he looked normal to me.
A Czech girl from Harolds Cross to town told me that she was knocked off her bicycle allong the quays and it was damaged. The car that knocked her off drove on with her on the bonnet of the car. When he did stop he asked her if she was all right?
She said that her bicycle was damaged and then he just got back into his car and drove away.
There are cameras along that area. If she asks she could perhaps identify the car..
I told her to keep all taxi receipts and other expenses.
I wish her good luck with that.

A beautiful blind girl trying to cross the street on Baggott St. and going the wrong way. I stopped the taxi and she allowed me to lead her across the road, she was foreign!
Imagine being blind and going abroad to explore a foreign city alone, then imagine doing it alone and totally blind.
Two drivers gave me a wave and a toot of the horn as I crossed back to my own car.
I don't know why people don't help others more,
I would have helped any pretty girl across the road, blind or not!

The Garda acted in good faith last week, though in a ham fisted way.
A Blond blue eyed child was found in Greece and DNA tests showed that it was not theirs.
Huge panic followed It has transpired that they bought the child from a woman with 10 children who was living in dreadful poverty. The rights or wrongs of the case I will leave to others.
But 2 blue eyed blond kids were taken from their parents here,without another family member accompanying them. The parents after DNA testing were proved to be the children's patents. 

Either way whether they acted or not the Garda would be in the wrong.
But they could just have gone and take samples and detained them until they got results.
The kids are now traumatized as a result of being taken away by force like that.

Marathon on Monday

Tonight I will be be putting on the black shoes to go to see the Tango musician Dino Saluzzi in action.

The Bandoneon was origonally designed to take the place of a church organ.

 In an effort to keep the blog interesting I present a plate spinner  with great class.

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