Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Heartbeat of home

Tonight I took the suit out of the pawn shop and went to the premiere of the show.
I was supposed to be going to the after show party but I couldn't contact the other people in my group.
Yes folks shit happens.

What did you think of the show John?
Well I was sitting 2 empty seats away from Moya Doherty

Lots of things are big pluses, the South American dancers were electric, the projections on to the stage screen were exceptional. That Flamenco dancer was magic for me. I just loved the way she moved like liquid.. Vansssa Guevarara danced like a person posessed.Teneisha Bonner  really carried on a good part of the show.Lucia Evans a vocalist with the voice of an angel.Strange to say the bass player Tanya O'Callaghan wearing no shoes played her heart out. It is strange how you can pick out one exceptional musician in an entire orchestra of 20 people.
The uillen pipes were really great as well.

Where did it go wrong for me?

If you see a group of dancers charging on to the stage en mass?
Once is enough.
They did it loads of times,
The number of dancers could have been  halved, as there were too many on the stage at once.
Also we need to be told what is happening.

Remember "Side by side by Sontime?" The commentator stood at the side of the stage and explained why one thing lead to another, that really helped.

Everything just bangs on one after the other with no thread to hold it.

But the drumming section, the Flamenco and Tango were great and that New York skyscraper scene totally terrific.

But then I am a taxi driver not a critic.
You might as well send in the...........

We once had a music box that played this tune and a Clown used to dance inside the glass case.

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