Thursday, October 03, 2013

The best job in the world

 Bright enough to be seen i daylight ..In 3 days it has paid for itself
 Our boy is back supporting Kilkenny
 Octoberfest is here,not that we need an excuse to drink
This guy has just turned pro as a golfer, Rory McElroy got into my taxi the day after he had turned professional. So I gave him the same advice that I had given to Rory on that day I hope it works for him as well .

A really wonderful girl told me that this taxi trip was the best taxi trip she ever had in her life!
I was the best taxi driver ever!
I even got a kiss on the cheek for my trouble.
Why so?
Perhaps I made an effort.

Later on in the  day a guy told me that he had been in a taxi and found the radio music noisy and distracting. He asked the driver to turn it off and the driver told him that it was HIS CAR and he wouldn't turn it off !
So my good man asked him to stop, he got out and paid him.
Then he told him to drive away and listen to his music all day long and get no money for listening to it.

Really they were both wrong.

If that makes any logical sense.

Wow it takes all sorts!

I know if people can tear themselves away from their gadgets for a few hours they would learn to live again.
Once on the tube in London I was wearing an Ireland rugby jumper, people smiled at me and I really didn't know why. I spoke to an Indian girl was standing beside me. She had brightly coloured clothes and I asked where she was from, then 20 minutes of banter followed, as my stop approached I told her that I had to go.
She held my elbow for a second and said "It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for talking to me"
All I could say was."Anyone would be mad not to want to talk with you you are a really fantastic person"and I got off.

That's London for you

Do you remember John?
I was on his radio show in New York once.

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