Monday, December 16, 2013

Allmost there

Will it ever end !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Christmas was an old pagan mid winter festival, then it was hijacked and became Christmas.
For me it seems to be a time for change, time to clear out rubbish to make way for the Christmas tree and time to reflect on the past year.
Two significant people passed over, Mabel who lived until she was almost104 years old and that wonderful American Injun Mike Shan.
Mike came to me through the blog and dispense pearls of wisdom and some great jokes.
Take a look at his blog here and I bet when you read his story "Elise" you will need a tissue.

Here is one of his jokes.
The great white chief called G.W.Bush decided to address the massed meeting of the Indian peoples.
He spoke with great volume of how he had always respected all their individual rights and had spoken about their needs many  times ( Most of the people shook their heads as the could not remember when he spoke)

When he sat down the spokesman for the Indian nations stood up and praised him,saying that such an honourable man they had never seen before.

They decided  to honour him.
We have a special award for you.It is a plaque inscribed with with our name and underneath it says
"Great Eagle who walks" and that is you oh mighty one !
The mighty man took his award with much applause from the assembled masses and went away with 20 van loads of secret service people and the press.
One young reporter stayed on and after a few minutes the assembled masses started laughing until they were crying. He asked one of the elders what was going on and he told him.
Every year a fruit falls from a certain tree to the ground and the eagles love the seed of that fruit.
They cannot crack open the shell, so they have to wait until other animals eat the fruit.
Then when they pass the seed the eagles swoop down and eat the seeds.....Shit and all !
The really greedy stupid ones eat so much that they become constipated and are so full of shit that they cannot fly and have to walk around.
Then they become the GREAT EAGLE WHO WALKS !
That guy is so full of it !

Anyhow they say that when the pupil is ready to learn the teacher will appear.

On Sunday I picked up a Letterkenny girl who lives in Belfast, she had a wonderful soothing voice, so I told her that she should get a job reading childrens stories.
"Its funny you should say that. I work for the BBC in Belfast I am the documentry voice"

Today I met 2 ladys who were reaching a crossroads in life.
One was going home to nurse her sick mother who has cancer.
The other one is a regular enough customer from Brazil who is an artist, 42 today.
Her problem is that her partner critises her work so much that she cannot paint any more, yet she needs to paint.

For sure she needs to listen to some of the talks of Robin Sharma.

So 2014 might be the year of the new you.

Try Tony Robbins as well.

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