Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beatle cars old and new

Today I was passing MSL motors in Ballsbridge when this fine car caught my eye.
This is a very early model, it predates the VW logo that we all know.

To chance your arm and to spot the opportunity is the essence of success.

Stephen O'Flaherety secured the  the franchise for Volkswagen at the 1949 Paris motor show, then he built up the business so well that he was given the franchise for Audi, Mercedes, Opel and Volkswagen for Ireland and England. When he sold the Mercedes franchise for the UK he became the richest person in Ireland.
But success brings its own problems.
He had a home in Spain and when burglars broke in, they robbed the house and beat him up very badly.
He died from his injuries later.
But his vast business empire lives on.
A few years ago I was taking a photo of a vintage car in the showroom when a guy came out to see what I was doing. "Come inside, you can't get a good photograph through the glass".
He showed me the inside and the engine and talked about the car, a huge ex diplomatic car.
"Any time you are passing feel free to come in and ask one of those lazy boys over there to open up a car for you,that's what they are paid for"
It turned out to be one of the O'Flahertys. But today the lazy boys are back to their old tricks, I was 10 minutes in the showroom and got a no show from the staff.
Though I can see the day and it is not far away when you will click on the Toyota website,chose model and finish then pay your deposit,  Toyota finance will take care of the rest and the showroom and commission charges will be passed back to the customer.
It can't be that far away.

Anyhow why I stopped outside the showroom is for this reason.
They have started to develop the old site opposite the car showroom, I paused to allow a tipper truck out of the site, as It drove in front of me I noticed a rock which was bigger than your two fists stuck between the two back tyres. I blew the horn and tried to catch him at the lights, he drove on. At the next lights I had again blown the horn, this time I ran up to the cab and was shouting up at him. He saw me but he blanked me and he just drove on.
So I had the reg.of the truck and I went back to report it to the site manager.

Imagine the damage that a rock weighing 7 pounds would do when  launched from a wheel doing 50 MPH?

Well I did my bit!

This morning the HailO system gave me a good job.  From Clontarf To Tallagh  €42.50
It started at 08.15 and ended at 09.27.
When you get such a job you often wonder."Should I have taken the M50?
I had gone down the quays up through Harrolds cross keeping right.
The traffic was heavy going back into town so I used one of those McDonalds vouchers for breakfast for €3.
Then I came back along the motorway and the traffic was still very slow on the route I would have come.
It is very hard to know, if your luck is in you will choose the best way.
Back in via Heuston where I got the airport. The passenger was from Holland and he told me that traffic jams can go for10 Kms there and last for hours, not so bad here after all.
When I was at the airport I met one of the other drivers who has just bought a Prius,I spent 15 minutes telling him him little things he should know. (Such as what the"B" gear is for and how to jump start it from the front)
He is as happy with it as a good boy feels on Christmas morning.

A gift suggestion perhaps.

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