Monday, December 02, 2013

World traveller

 Did someone leave a window open? You can guess that this boat will cost a lot to put right.
The "SamMaguire" cup photographed near Thomas St.It is taking its holidays in Dublin this year.

Every day someone in the world comes to me to sit with me for a period of between 10 minutes to 1/2 an hour. During those brief encounters I find out about their lives.
Some people will tell you their entire life's stories during the journey, others will hardly tell you where they are going to, which can be a problem.
Today I had 2 different fares from the same country, both were lady's from Venezuela.
This country has the richest deposits of oil in the world.
They have had oil long before it was found in Saudi Arabia, yet the corruption and the breakdown in law and order has the youth running off to Europe just to feel safe,those who remain become poor or very rich.

Brazil is another country with fantastic resources where the people are living in absolute poverty.
FIFA are going to play the world cup there, the government are building stadiums all over the country at a cost of tens of $Billions.
Then they will also host the Olympics!
All this in a country which needs schools, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure first of all.

Who will pay for this? FIFA? No
It will be the poor tax payer in Brazil who will pay for it for years.
FIFA gets all the money from the ticket sales, all the television rights.
All Brazil will get is 3 weeks of full hotels and bars.
Then the circus will move on, leaving ghost stadiums all over the country.
It is a total disgrace

Last Sunday in the paper I read a story which is as strange as anything I ever heard.
An Italian lady who was attending a Ryanair training course in England.
She was pregnant and she was also bi polar. She had forgotten to take her medication and had an "episode".
The powers that be  in the UK decided that they should operate and take the baby from her womb in spite of her protests and the protests of her mother in Italy.
You might think that is bizarre ? There is more.
They then put the infant in protective care and are now putting the child up for adoption against the mothers wishes. She has 2 other children in Italy.

As you can imagine there is the makings of a huge court case coming up.

One thing drivers witness over and over again is the stupidity of what people are saying on their mobile phones in buses and taxis. So my man is advising his client how to bid for a business,the strategy and timing are all fine tuned.
I was wondering what the business might be, a hotel? a shop?

No it was a PUB.

Then when the purchase was made they would find someone to run it.

One thing for sure is you have to know your onions if you are investing in a pub, they are closing down all over the city.  Even the top experienced people are struggling.

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