Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bye bye 2013..Hello 2014

          Erecting the big stage

                        This is the tree we had a few years ago its in Smithfield now

                             This has been my salvation over the past year HailO Soon it will be worldwide

As I write a crew of riggers and sound men prepare for the new year celebrations.
A large stage is being erected at the Bank Of Ireland in College Green.

If you click here you can look at the schedule.
The English pop group Madness are topping the bill this year.

The City fathers are trying to make this a huge event just like new years eve in Times Square, Edenborough or the fireworks in Sydney harbor. It makes a big change from going up to Christchurch at midnight and getting your head split open from bottles thrown into the crowd.

A young girl who is teaching English in Japan got into the taxi, she told me that she would defiantly not be marrying a Japanese man.
Women there are very much second class and are told what to do not like here. Manners are very strict and everything down to how you hold your cup of tea is laid down.It is hard being away but it is a good learning experience.
On the Merrion Road today a family from Venezuela asked me to take them to Tesco,its across the road.
No NO we need to go to Tesco, so without turning the meter on I drove forward 20 yards and pointed to the shopping center. Then I drove them around the bend to the entrance.
When they wanted to pay me I told them it was my Christmas present to them.
I drove around the corner and got another, proper job.

One job I got from Sheriff St to Tallagh put any problems I thought I might have had into nothing.
He told me that his son got a petrol driven skate board and a now phone for Christmas.
By 3pm they were both broken and he was moaning.
Then the phone rang it was his brother to tell him that his son of 17 had been killed off his motorbike.

His own troubles as he said was nothing compared to what they will be facing now.

So folks, count your blessings not your troubles.

Here is a taste of last years show.
Imelda  May was the star of the show.

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