Saturday, December 06, 2014

3 homeless men die on the streets

                                     The crow on the dice Solomon fine art

                The Christmas tree in the Westbury hotel
       Fine threads for the big night out..Westbury mall
                              These 2 cars were at Dublin port..Perhaps they need directions home.

Heroin is a massive scourge here in Ireland  hundreds upon hundreds  have given their lives to the needle.
I believe that we are the only City in the world to have erected a monument to our dead victims.
It can be seen at the end of Killarney St. It is in memory of the hundreds who died from drugs in the north inner city.
A flaming torch, dancing, first communion and running medals were added to the mix when the torch was cast in the foundry. 
A man called Jonathan Corie  died while sleeping in a doorway, the doorway was in view of our houses of parliament where our leaders sit and tell us all that we must give more.
A heroin addict he was married in America and had 2 children, his parents had bought him 2 houses to live in but time after time he returned to his addiction.
He lived in hostels but after being bullied and had his money stolen he lived on the streets.
I don't know how any healthy person would feel to sleep on the streets in this freezing weather, never mind being in poor health into the bargain.

In Cork 2 homeless men died from Heroin overdoses.

It is a complete heartbreak to see a life so full of potential spiral into the depths of squalor and despair.

Your thoughts and prayers to their parents and family's.

Peace at last RIP

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