Sunday, December 21, 2014

I caught a big cold

Working cheek to jowl with greater public puts your health in danger.
So last week I picked up a cold which went to my chest.
The cough was so strong that I saw sparks when I coughed.
Nothing for it but to park up and go to bed for 24 hours.
The chemist gave me an elixir which only made me poorer.
But I am back again.

There was a story way back about a couple who went to the Galway races together and when they got there the guy who ran the guest house turned them away. They slept in doorways for the duration of the races and bought Arran sweaters sweaters to stay warm. The man told me that they were partners long ago and had fallen into drugs.Then recently they had met up again and found that there was still a spark of romance still alive after all those years.
As the journey continued I learned about their destructive lives, and how they blamed no one but themselves.
As the trip progressed they told me that they had a son in Wales who found a great job for himself.

He clears out houses where people have died leaving no known relations. He keeps what he finds and sells the goods in his second hand shops.

Well the other day I had the son in the car (I didn't tell him I had met his parents)
He was going to Ballyfermot and had met a young girl on the boat. He took her under his wing and we dropped her off at the bus station. This is a mecca fore homeless people as it opens at around 6.30 and it is warm. The other place to go to is to the airport.
But I digress.
As she was getting out he told her that she could stay at his sisters house and have breakfast and then she she could contact her boyfriend later on in the morning.
He lamented to me about how dangerous it is for a young innocent girl to be traveling alone in this city.

So we headed for Ballyfermot.

"What do you do for a living yourself?" I said.

"I clear out empty houses and sell the contents in my second hand shops" He said.

I just knew that he was the son.

I never charged his parents for the trip all those years ago and I was impressed by the concern he showed toward his fellow human being.
It was great to meet him, but I couldn't tell him about the day I met his mother and father.

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