Friday, December 12, 2014

Stop the water meters

A TV investigative group went into a state run home for people with intellectual difficulties.
What was shown has shocked everyone. Patients being slapped, kicked and punched.
They were  shouted at. Staff shouting at them that they were useless. "No one wants you you're useless"

Where are the safety nets to protect the most vulnerable people in our society?
Where were the whistle blowers?

The fear from parents with profoundly handicapped children is that there will not be good care for these children when the parents get old.

Remember in most cases the parents have put in many years of changing wet sheets and soiled clothes, with little help from society..
Lets hope in this instance a change will come.

God knows Irish society are not great in looking after the homeless, the orphans, the illegitimate and the mentally handicapped. 

Yesterday I took a few hours off to let our elected leaders know that what they are doing with regard to the water tax is not all right by me.

There are fat cat business people putting in water meters around the country.
The plan is not to fix leaks or improve the infrastructure but to establish a right to collect taxes from each house. Water is now paid from extra VAT charges and other taxes which were introduced for many years ago.
Public Taxes are now to be collected and to be paid to private individual fat cat speculators.

There were a lot of Garda present. My group were hemmed in on Nassau St. After a wait I walked up to Molesworth St. where barriers were erected to keep the protesters back. For me the plan worked.
I walked for home to get my bus.
Later on there was trouble in Nassau st when protesters started throwing missiles at the Garda and a Garda was hit in the eye.
This is the modern way of controlling protesters, you hem them in, you divide them into groups so they are in smaller pockets.. The word used is "Kettleing"  Split them up and hem them in.
The other aspect of the protest march was that the Garda just left scores of cars stuck in the middle of the protesters.
When I went back home I went for the ferry only to find a poor unfortunate stranded passenger looking for a taxi, I could help her.  So we edged out way out to Stillorgan...Then when she got out the ball really starting hopping as hundreds of commuters tried to go home..
Both Luas lines had problems.
But you can only pick up one person at a time.
Still it beats sitting at a taxi rank.

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