Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Christmas

Here we are the big day is almost here.
Looking back the year had its ups and downs it is best to dwell on the ups.

The amount of people coming home for Christmas is amazing, I suppose it reflects what happened after the boom, so many had to go away.
I met a guy who is from Latvia (I hope thats right) who is coming back to Dublin to spend Christmas with his wife and daughter. He worked in construction here and when that stopped he had to go like so many others. His daughter is at school here so he has to keep two homes going. But he has a greedy landlord in Dublin who puts up the rent by €250 a month every year on year.
Imagine if your rent went up at that speed ?.
So this summer when his daughter is finished her exams they will pack up and go to live in London together..
Yesterday I brought an English family to the airport. They are going to Toronto but they were amazed at the cost from London. So they came to Dublin and crossed over from here. I suppose the traffic from Canada to here would be high with few Irish crossing back to Canada for Christmas.
Its a bit like the World cup, there was great deals to Europe on the empty planes coming back.

So to you all, drunk or sober

Remember John ?

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