Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A second from death

Justice came foe a Dublin bus driver the other day.
The driver came across the scene of an accident and the Garda told him that he could not proceed along his route. He told the Garda that he would have to contact his base to find out which route he was to follow. While he was waiting for instructions the Garda stormed the bus and put him in handcuffs then they drove him to Sundrive Rd. Garda station where he was charged with loads of offenses.
Well the judge sided with the driver, passingers on the bus came to court with videos to support their testimony.
The driver was awarded almost €50,000 compensation.

Perhaps young Hitler will behave himself in future.... Click here

More and more cctv footage are catching out rouge operators.
Many years ago on Parnell st there was an off license.
In the early hours of the morning there was a ram raid, the ramming car was abandoned and they drove away loaded up with beer and spirits in another car.
The boys in blue turned up and the owner arrived 1/2 hour later
"Lets see what we have on the video" said the shop owner.
On replaying the tape they identified well known criminals, then as it played on the Garda arrive and they steal even more than the robbers.

Red faces all round.

This morning I was wrecked and started work later than usual. I was driving along the Clontarf road in the bus lane when a girl waring a hood stepped out between a van and a car the van blocked my view of her.. One second later she would have been dead. She never looked and was probably listening to music through her headset.
She was in another world, one second later she would have been there for all time.

We are all living in the hands of our Gods one way or the other. (I said thanks)

The other night Andre Reau was on in the 3 Arena. I got a Hailo alert and headed down to collect my fare.
I rang him 3 times to make contact, no reply, I was besieged by people, so I abandoned the call and took 4 people from Cork down to Heuston station. No way to proceed along by the river so I turned to go down Sheriff St. No go either.
So I turned down East wall Rd. Down past the five lamps, right into Buckingham St down Parnell St. over through Blackhall Place.. Just then I heard the words.
"You should have gone straight down the river"
All I could say was "We would not even be at O'Connell bridge yet"
The father just said that they had made the train on time which was the only important thing.
The strange thing in this equation is that if I had not picked them up there is no way in hell that they would have made the train on time.

You do your best and get complaints.

So I headed back and got a run out to Swords,
"Please go through the tunnel we are frozen"
Paid in good humor with a €4.00 tip

Swings and roundabouts all the time.

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