Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First drug run this year ?

 A lion escaped in Fairview in 1952 a documentry is on show in the IFC It has been extended by popular demand

 What a mistake the panel was lifted up to make way for luggage but not moved forwards
Ireland V England trophies on display
 Here is a guy worth Googling Patrick O'Connell  Click here

Today as far as I can remember was my first drug run of this year.

I Picked him up on Cork St. and did a U turn back down to "Maryland" where he did his first drop.
Then over to "Fatima"where we finished and he paid me €10
But not before I found out through his phone calls that he had a "Grand" on him and would have another one by tomorrow.
After paying me as I was driving away. He got out and then he looked like he had been shot, his face turned ashen and he shouted STOP !..ME FECKIN MONEY !
I did stop and he came running over and started looking down the sides of the seats.
Then he felt the back pocket of his jacket..."Jesus mate, sorry about that"
Just as I was thinking of beating him up and taking that €1,000 from him and putting it out of criminal circulation.
It happens.
Who is he going to tell ?

Since then there has been a massive operation against heroin dealers, 60 raids 30 detained.
If I was in charge I could multiply that by 10 easily !

So there I was at the ferry, 2 old dears giving out about the scarcity of taxis.
Sandymount and Ballsbridge.
Over the East link bridge and off we went.
On arrival at Sandymount the first lady got out I will pay she said.
So there is €15  on the meter so your half will be €7.50..
No I want to pay it all.So she gave me €15 and I went over to the "Sweepstakes apartments"in Ballsbridge.
Right there is €18 on the meter now so you owe me €3
She has paid you and I am not going to give you any more !
The other lady only paid to where she got off.
Its €3 more now.
I have no money and I won't pay.

Her bag was out of the car so I bit my tongue and went away.

 I have been furious for days that I didn't take her to Ringsend garda station.

Then after settling the score there you just pop her bag on the ground and tell her to get another taxi home and to behave herself in future.

No my dear I did bring you home and you wouldn't pay me remember?

It is the rich people that give you the most trouble for sure.

A customer had a good word for it "Toxic entitlement"
She saw you as her servant and that is the way toxic wealthy people treat the help. 

I have  been plagued by my fridge for years, the door opens the wrong way.

I need it to open from the other side.
So I got out the tools and set to work.
After 20 minutes I broke the hinge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New fridge,,,It is not easy to reverse the opening on a fridge for sure.
But I am in business now,

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