Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New York Times ????????????///

The New York Times wrote an article about the young Irish in the USA on J1 visas.
The drunken, wild youths wrecking apartments etc.

At a time when we are collectively suffering from the deaths of our brothers and sisters.

Well folks we do have a weapon at our disposal to deal with such trash journalism.

It is one thing that makes everyone take notice.

Boycott...Cancel all advertising with them, cancel the paper.
Don' even use it to wrap up your rubbish.

Big people sometimes only pay attention when you hit them in the nuts.

Go for it !

 A little bit of Irish/Jewish history on Bloomfield Avenue.

 Don't forget the vintage car show in Terenure collage next bank holiday, live the dream!

Here we go! Wetherspoons are in Blackrock. He called his company after a teacher named Mr.Wetherspoon who told him that he would never be a success.

Did you ever see anything like this?
This is what happens when corruption gets into a group of people and remains unchecked.

Sadly it has come to pass that a boy killed his mother in Ireland at a time when he should have been in prison, incompetence by the Garda allowed it to happen.

I have been busy, I needed a plumber and my wife rang a guy who was recommended.
He said he would ring back in the morning with a time..
So in the morning he rang me to say that 2 pals from Dynorod would be contacting me shortly.
I told him to back up a bit.
If I wanted someone else to do the job I would have called them myself.
So you can tell your palls that I will do it myself.....
What do you mean ?
I will do the job myself.
If you could do the job yourself why did you call me?
Because I was told you were a good reliable honest plumber.

If you don't want business say so at the time, and don't waste mine.

3 hours of my skill and it was done, it would have taken less time if I had all my tools ready.

Most people I spoke to feel the same about it.
Imagine booking a class act and getting less than you asked for.

God I met some great people yesterday, more of that some other time.

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