Monday, June 15, 2015

Tipping point

   Inside the Irish Film Center
                A photo of a photo  Guess who?
                     A house looking great in Portabello
                        An outreach worker talks to a homeless girl on O'Connell bridge

There are times when you think with a big bang that society is absolutely fucked !

Today on the duel carriageway I saw a car broken down, so I stopped as normal people do.
The lady had a small baby on the side of the road so I offered a hand with the flat wheel.
Her husband was on the way. but I said that I could make a start until he came.
The nuts were very tight and she finished up jumping on one side of my wheel brace while I pulled on the other side.
Wheel off. spare on, jack out, nuts tightened up.
Flat wheel in the boot, her jack, wheel brace and buggy into the boot.
I got wipes out of the car and cleaned my hands.

Then I got into my car and drove away without a word of thanks !

It would have cost her nothing to say it ...But she turned a positive action into a very negative experience.

But then Bing! Bing! the HailO system sent me a man from Syria going to the training center in Ballyfermot.
The guy was told to attend the FAS training center but there was no street name given on his phone, we asked and found.
"The people who work in this place don't care about anyone, how could they ask you to go someplace and not tell you a street address I asked them twice."
He was a great person. I said that the only thing I know about Syria is that the capital city is Damascus ( It is between Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Jordan) Damascus was the first city in the world he told me, and It is written in the Koran that when war comes to Damascus the end of civilization is nigh. .

He was totally amazed by my story about how the woman had not even said thank you, but this is a sign that people are not right in the head.

Perhaps it is just me !

But I had just had a €30 journey out to Finnstown house so I won't hold a grudge today.

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