Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rickshaw race

Yesterday I picked up a guy who was all biz.
He had a very bad back and this was his story.

He went to see the Who at the 3 arena and after the show they got into 2 rickshaws to bring them back into town.
The the guy in the other rickshaw shouted "€100 to the first one to to reach Libertey  Hall !!!!!"
So they went for it !
And like the chariot race in Ben Hur but his rickshaw somersaulted and he landed on his back on the road and he was knocked out!
He came to with an ambulance man looking down at him.
He didn't go with them as he was having such a great time.

So lets hope things don't get any worse for him as it would be very hard to sue a rickshaw driver for damages who carried no license or insurance.

He might have been killed, you should have seen the blood on the back of his jacket, he is in the music business, but not a pop star..
He has a recording studio and a few other businesses.

This is my lad the drummer, what do you think ?

There was 3 big concerts on in Dublin last weekend it was mad.Summer is the season for festivals.

What a festival there was this weekend, GAY PRIDE roads closed. As we were the first to make full legal rights for homosexual couples it has become a big event.

Over the last few days it has been very busy and yesterday I pulled over to the Westbury hotel taxi rank to get coffee. There was a troubled soul sitting on the footpath, alcohol or drugs or both. He was in a bad state, sitting there with his head hung down 4 cans of cider beside him.
You could see his wrists covered in red spots, his legs above his socks were the same.
He was very thin and I thought we need a few outreach workers.
Then a young guy carrying around 6 paper shopping bags who was passing gave him a big kick on the leg.
"Get up you useless fucker!"

 There must be karma.. But
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter..
I would have loved to have floored the rich kid !


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