Friday, April 29, 2016

All I want for Christmas

is me two front teeth,
or so the song goes.
So I started my dental work in Budapest...
When the job is finished I will give it the thumbs up or down and fill in the details.
So far it worked very very well.

                        A good man to hit a football.

Everything went according to plan except one night a taxi driver did an old switcharoo with a 10,000 note for a 500.
I am kicking myself as I knew what I should have done.
Lay down your notes before you go out and take a photo with your mobile showing the serial numbers.
Then when he says No No Sir you only gave me a 500 you say, I am calling the police and they will verify that you have taken the note with the serial number that is on my phone..
Then Sir you will be arrested for theft!!!
But I wascaught on the wrong foot this time.

Also give yourself a chance, get out of the taxi  before paying, open the passenger door and pay him there and not over the back of the seat as I did.

Worst taxi driver in the world.

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