Monday, April 04, 2016

April fool

     This truck has been spewing readymix concrete over the last 50 yards.

The first of April often brings out inventive pranks/ Liffey Valley shopping center had a "Massive event" 
"All the shops are giving away old stock today only and its on a first come first served"
April fool, and the center is packed...
Did you notice the number of crashes on Saturday and Sunday.
Oil on the  road, it rains and the car spins around. 
Be careful out there.

A taxi rear ends a bus and all the passengers get out, standing smoking on the roadside waiting for another bus. Along comes a gurrier and explains to them that they are all hurt and they get back on the bus and start screaming in "Pain", 3 ambulances and a fire brigade help the wounded to hospital. 
I would love to be in court when the bus company's barrister points out that the scumbag was not on the bus when it was hit.

 Well all the banging of drums and marching bands have departed and it is back to plain food and the same old crap...We had an election and we finished up with no one in charge.
Could you imagine having another election and coming up with the same result again.

If you have ever read this blog before you know how I bang on about people not doing their job, it goes on all the time from the taxi regulator to the courts. The guilty walk free and the victims stand there amazed.
Sometimes there is a small piece of justice. Like prison for staff who abused elderly and ill patients in an old folks home.
A man who sexually abused a downs syndrome girl who was also blind (for 10 years)
The person in charge of the girls welfare will it seems get prison as well.
In the UK a sex ring (LINK) of Pakistani men were grooming young girls over a long number of years, some of the girls were as young as 12 and the police, social workers and others sat on their hands until a few very brave mothers blew the affair wide open.
Now the shit has hit the fan, one brave mother was told by a social worker that she herself had done everything in her power to stop it. To which the mother said that she did nothing at all, she refused to help her and she had all the emails to prove it.
Heads are rolling but whether resignations are goo enough, sacking and loss of pensions might waken up some of these gobshites.

So drivers when you see something odd take a note, write down numbers, take a photo and report it,
But don't expect the Garda to take note or put it on file.
Perhaps things will get better.

London is having a positive spin where all taxis will be electric soon and they will be keeping the iconic black cab.

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